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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

In case any of you think the stories of sexual slavery in Japan are untrue: White Slavery in Japan Read the whole article....it's quite revealing.

The Japanese like to pretend that this form of sexual slavery doesn't exist in Japan. However, as I have reported here many times these women can be seen all around the train stations of Japan. You have to be either blind or stupid not to see these prostitutes. The other possibility is that it is so common that Japanese people don't even notice them anymore.

Interestingly enough, when I ask Japanese about these prostitutes they either look embarassed or they insist that these girls just came to Japan to make money....no suggestion that they may have been tricked or coerced into coming here by local gangs cooperating with the heavy-hitting Japanese Yakuza. Basically, most Japanese could care less unless it affects them. It's the old refrain, "If I don't see it, it doesn't exist!"

Ignorance and apathy, the hallmark of modern Japan.

Poor Innocent Japan! Always the victim! Don't you just feel sorry for these guys? Everybody is against them! They are truly the world's all-time greatest victims! Not only do they get over-charged by the Chinese prostitutes they weren't even allowed to erect their precious Japanese flag in the lobby of the hotel for the 71st anniversary of the the 1931 Japanese invasion of China! Just think...71 years ago they would have just gang-raped all the women in the town and shot all the men over the age of 12! Poor Japan! It's so unfair!

Officials from the Osaka-based construction company don't deny that the event took place. According to a company official, "The media reports have quite a lot of errors and they seem to be making people think badly of Japan. We were not involved in systematic prostitute-buying. Perhaps some of the employees may have done something like that (in their free time) and that may have led to a misunderstanding.". Hmmmm.....it's just a simple misunderstanding! I guess that's why news of this event hasn't been broadcast in Japan.....it's just a simple "mis-communication" as the Japanese like to say when they get caught saying something completely stupid.

I asked several of my Japanese students about this story and none of them had heard of it. One said that she was not surprised as this type of activity was "normal" for Japanese men and that stories of sex tours to Asia were "not newsworthy" as this was just a regular feature of Japanese male behavior. A male student who does business in China just laughed at the stupidity of the guys involved since they had paid "way too much" for the Chinese prostitutes!!!! No condemnation of this behaviour, no outrage or distaste.....just an acceptance of this as normal behaviour for Japanese men.

Anyone out there who argues that the "Rape of Nanking" as well as other Japanese atrocities never occurred should look closely at the attitudes of a society that sees nothing wrong or distasteful in organized sex tours to Asia. There is no such thing as "moral outrage" here.....just complete apathy.

Would the same thing be true if 400 Chinese guys descended on Tokyo, took over a hotel, and held a huge orgy party?

Monday, September 29, 2003

Justice minister pledges to make Japan safe again! Hmmmm....how does he plan to do that? Let me guess.....that's right! Blame the foreigners! That "homogeneous" group of non-Japanese who commit less than 2% of the crime here! Here is another fine example of Japanese xenophobic, statistical logic: Evil Foreigners! Make sure you read the comments at the bottom of the article....they are quite amusing.

Of course, we all know that the Japanese are the most honest, decent, and law-abiding people in the world and would never do anything to stain their reputation: Japanese Holiday Antics! Hmmmm....I wonder if this story will turn-up on the news or in the Japanese papers? I DON'T THINK SO! Any heinous crime involving the Japanese is conveniently forgotten here....the Rape of Nanking, Unit 731, Slave Labor, Comfort women, ALL OF WWII!!!!!!!! It never happened!

It's always easier for the Japanese to point the finger at the foreigners! After all, we commit less than 2% of the crime here! It is only logical to blame us! (If you are Japanese!)

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Hmmmm.....let's see what our clever, little friends are up to today: Japanese orgy in Zhuhai hotel sparks Chinese fury D'oh!!!!!!! What a bunch of nice guys, huh? Thanks to the intrepid Marco for emailing and reminding me of this story!

Don't think this is an isolated incident either. Japan leads the world in providing sex tours for the modern depraved beast and don't you doubt that these sex businesses find a comfortable home in permissive Japan. In fact, now that sex with Japanese high school girls has become a slightly more risky proposition, the cream of Japanese manhood has turned to poor countries to satisfy the huge demand for kiddy sex, gang rape, bestiality, buggery, bondage, and other forms of Japanese manga-inspired perversions allegedly including white slavery in Belarus and black slavery in Kenya, the hunting of kids with rifles in Equador, the kidnapping of Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indonesian, and Philippina women for the purposes of rape and debauchery.....the list goes on and on. Want to read more? Just click here: Japanese Holiday Plans

Now, guess what famous Japanese institution is heavily involved in organizing these sex-tour businesses? That's right! Our crazy little punch-perm friends who have their dirty little hands, (minus a few missing fingers), in everything.....the Yakuza!!!

What a safe country! Aren't the Japanese just a swell bunch of fun loving people?

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Here is a priceless comment from one of the leaders of Japan: Ozawa calls voters idiots! Hmmmm.....makes you wonder. I don't want to be accused of being over-critical, (being such a fair-minded gent), but perhaps Mr. Ozawa may have finally discovered something that other "lesser mortals" have been suggesting for quite some time....it's just interesting that it took him this long to figure it out.

Question: Just what do the rest of Japan's politicians think of their constituents?
Answer: Not much, really....I doubt these illustrious shepherds of modern Japan have ever cast a critical eye over their flock. '*o*' (Baaaaaa!!!!!)

Friday, September 26, 2003

Well, here we go again! Another big earthquake last night this time in Hokkaido: Strong Earthquake Strikes Northern Japan Add this one to the smaller one that occurred on Sunday in the Tokyo area and you have to conclude that any investments in Japan would be a bit risky at the moment...

Of course, since this earthquake occurred in Hokkaido and not Tokyo (the only place that seems to matter in the minds of the Japanese government and media), I have to report that the morning TV variety shows, with their never-ending exploration of all things related to ramen, have not been disturbed and are right on schedule informing the nation that ramen is still the most popular dish in Japan!

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Here is a story that you want see elsewhere: 102 teenage Gang members arrested in the middle of Tokyo Why did it take a whole year for police to make these arrests? Certainly over 100 teenagers carrying bats and clubs would appear to contravene a whole series of laws here in Japan, right?

Not really.....it is a normal, everyday occurrence where I live! On any given day you can walk down the main street of this sordid city and see teenagers standing around the station in red track suits carrying bats and chains. They are shaking down the junior high school kids and robbing drunken salarymen. Some are into pimping their underage girlfriends so they can buy the latest hip hop fashions that the "Nigerians pretending to be Americans" sell in their many shops around the station.

The one thing you won't see is a policeman! They are either too afraid to "investigate" these gangs or they know that these teenage gang members are simply junior members of the Yakuza. Where is Sheriff Buford Pusser when you need him?

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Here is a good story that has gone unreported in many places. Seems Japan Tobacco wants to make a zillion dollars through deals with biotech companies for the exclusive right to market lung cancer vaccines. Yes, that's right....a tobacco company that wants to profit from the very disease that it creates. Japan Tobacco to profit from cancer genes Too cynical to be true? Not in Japan, the smoker's paradise!

Well, are you ready for the punchline? Can you guess who owns 66.7% of Japan Tobacco and makes billions every year spreading cancer all over the world? How about the Japanese government! Yes, that's right! The Finance Ministry of Japan owns 66.7% of Japan Tobacco which makes Camel, Winston, Mild Seven and Salem!!!!! Japanese government profits from cancer!!!! Yes, only in Japan....where the cigarette packs contain this stern warning: "There's a risk of damage to your health, so let's be careful not to smoke too much."

No wonder over half the Japanese are chain-smoking lunatics!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

It's Autumn here in Japan and love is in the air....Japanese style. Let's look at how Japan's macho men sweep the ladies of Japan off their feet: Steal her underwear! If that doesn't impress her then this method seems to have achieved a lot of success recently: Kidnap her! If the girls persist in their refusal to recognize your obvious charms, more drastic actions may be called for: Knock her down with your car!

How about the technique of a junior high school teacher: Things you shouldn't do in a classroom!

Come on, lads! We have so much to learn from the Japanese!

Monday, September 22, 2003

Here is a new excuse for perverts in Japan:Pedophilic dentist blames lack of sister for perversion What would he have done if he hadn't had any brothers?
Well, between Saturday's earthquake and Sunday's typhoon I thought I would run a story that reports on another form of rocking and rolling, jerking and blowing: Career choices blow for women in Japan! Please excuse the bad pun......

Saturday, September 20, 2003

It's those terrible FOREIGNERS again! Always making trouble! The Foreign Menace!! How many times did they use the term "FOREIGNER" in this article? 5 times in 4 paragraphs?! Exactly what message does this transmit to the uncritical, gullible and xenophobic Japanese reader? Could this be one of the reasons that so many Japanese are worried the fictional "increase" in crimes involving foreigners when the actual numbers show that 98.6% of all crime in Japan is committed by the Japanese? Does the word SCAPEGOATING mean anything to you?

Of course, it doesn't help when the PM and is cabinet are a load of xenophobic old farts: PM: Influx of foreign workers will cause security problems What he is actually afraid of is that in the future large numbers of foreigners that object to their "slave-like" working conditions might actually do something about it. The government of Japan imports foreign labor on "training schemes" but in reality they are worked like slaves by medium and small-sized companies. Read more here: Foreign Slaves of the Japanese

Just imagine what would happen if these poor foreign slaves were allowed to organize? Perhaps we should refer to a Western author who had some experience with Japan and wrote an interesting little novel about it: Pierre Boulle
Big earthquake here today! A 5.5 on the Richter scale! It was pretty exciting although it nearly wiped out my computer when the bookshelf collapsed. I am sure this is just a preview of bigger things to come....it's just a matter of time.

I am sure the Right Wing is disappointed. A big disaster such as a major earthquake in Tokyo is just the opportunity for them to take advantage of the government's incompetence and seize power....don't say I didn't warn you!

Friday, September 19, 2003

Here is a typical Yakuza operation: Girl gets gangster to pull out student's teeth in extortion plot. Use a high school girl to lure the "john" into a position where he can be victimized by the Yakuza. Happens everyday in Japan. Read the comments following the story for some interesting insights into this lovely country.
Here is story that is not as rare as you may think:Teacher kisses Jr. High students and doesn't get fired! What does this say about Japanese society?
Hey! Looks like I am not the only one to point out where Japan's wealth comes from: The G.I.'s Were Japan's Worker Slaves. Believe It. Keep spreading the word!

Need some more information on Japanese slave labor: POWs were slave laborers for Japanese corporations!

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Japan is a country that suffers from amnesia. It would appear that most people can't remember anything that happened between 1937 and 1945. Everybody agrees that something happened but it had nothing to do with them. The Japanese are like a bunch of school children who are secretly videotaped while the teacher is out of the room. Most will misbehave and some will go absolutely bananas and throw books all over the classroom. Yet, when the teacher returns and asks who made the mess, everyone will look down and act as if they haven't a clue. "Not me! It was somebody else that did those terrible things!" they will invariably say.

A good example of this selective memory is the current problem with North Korea. North Korea is certainly capable of attacking Japan with missiles and could very well do so in the near future. The Japanese fuss and fume but conveniently forget the role they played in helping the North Koreans develop those same missiles. 90% of NK missile parts come from Japan

They also can't seem to understand why the North Koreans, (not to mention the rest of Asia), despise them so much. Very Selective Memory The Japanese are always fussing about the fate of a couple of dozen Japanese who were abducted by the North Koreans over the last 20 years while conveniently forgetting the 5,400,000 Koreans used as slave labor in Asia and the 670,000 Koreans that were brought to Japan as forced labor during the War That Never Was, otherwise known as WWII by the rest of the civilized world. It is estimated that around 500,000 Koreans died as a result of Japan's treatment of Korean slave laborers between that mysterious gap in Japan's history, 1937-1945. For all the sordid details of Japan's slave-labor activities I urge you to read this: Japan forgot about these people!

According to the North Koreans, "Japan should opt for redeeming its past!" suggesting that Japan should compensate for their past evil deeds in Korea and Asia. The Japanese typically have a different view. "We must resolve the abduction issue. We, as the government, want to make utmost efforts to deal with the urgent issue." Of course by the "Abduction Issue" he means the North Korean abduction of a few dozen Japanese and not the 670,000 Koreans that Japan abducted.

Again, I bring up the analogy of the school children running amok in the teacher-less classroom and then denying all responsibility for the mess when the teacher returns. "Who made this mess?" the World asks. "Not me! We had nothing to do with it! We Japanese are such a peaceful people!" say the Japanese, as they smile and bow in their modern, developed country built by slave labor.

Who do you think is telling porkies now?

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Don't know much about History? Well, you are not the only one! Selective Memory It comes as no surprise that this series of lectures is subsidized by the government....they would like for people to remember only the end of the War That Never Was rather than the beginning. Of course, the RIGHT WING would like to forget the end and only remember the beginning! Talk about a mixed up, confused country! It is no wonder that 90% of the Japanese people haven't got a clue why the rest of Asia despises them!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I got an email from a reader in Australia who alerted me to the fact that a documentary about the "Hikikomori" phenomenon was being broadcast on Aussie TV. Hikikomori are people in Japan who shut themselves away from everyone including members of their own families for years at a time. I am not talking about guys going to some monastery and shutting themselves away to meditate on the mysteries of life. No, I am talking about young Japanese men that lock themselves in their rooms and spend all their time sleeping, playing video games, and eating whatever their mommies stick through their cat-flap. I am sure the Aussies found it interesting and I hope it gave them a good view of the real Japan.MADE IN JAPAN: Hikikomori

Well, if they live anywhere near where I do, I can't say that I blame them one bit. Much of the Tokyo area is just one, big, featureless, gray, urban nightmare with very few redeeming features except for the occasional glimpse of Mt. Fuji when a kindly wind blows the pollution out to sea. Obviously, living in this mess is not healthy, mentally or physically. Add to this unpleasant environment the intense pressures of school, work, and the fact that women find your fascination with filthy magazines and rape videos repugnant and you have all the ingredients you need to become a Hikikomori.

That's not to say that these nutcases sometimes don't venture out of the safety of their rooms. They do leave and it is the most basic instinct of all that drives them out of their holes: SEX! Yes, these guys often like to prowl the streets looking for young ladies to abduct and rape. Some of them kidnap young girls as young as 9 years old and force them to live with them in their tiny little rooms. One guy was caught just yesterday after he had abducted a 15 year old and held her for 11 days.Just another pervert in Japan. She was only found after the abductor's parents noticed the girl in his room and released her while the pervert went out for snacks.

This is nothing unusual, unfortunately. Another nutcase who was a long-term Hikikomori kidnapped a 9 year old girl and kept her locked up in his room for TEN YEARS!!!!!!!!! This was in spite of the fact that he had been stopped and questioned by police about the time the girl went missing because he had apparently tried to lure some young girls into his car!!!! Of course, the NPA never considered the guy as a possible suspect when the 9-year-old girl went missing because they are so incredibly incompetent. His own mother had contacted the police many times because she noticed that he had been buying tampons and had shoplifted girls underwear!!!! How many more clues to you need?

Anyways, the poor girl was confined in his room as his sex slave for TEN YEARS!!!! Read the story here: The NPA=Incompetent Baboons She was finally released when the pervert's mother gave up on getting any help from the police and contacted social workers. Apparently, they went to the house several times but nothing was ever done. Finally, on a later visit the social workers gained entrance into his room and discovered the emaciated girl shackled to the floor. The police were called to the scene of this obvious kidnapping and began "investigating". The Chief of Police, however, was busy at a karaoke party and declined to attend the scene of the crime! Can you believe this?

After all was said and done, the pervert got only 14 years for his crime. The girl will have to live with this the rest of her life. She is, no doubt, being attended to by Japan's incredibly bizarre mental health system....which means she got a lollipop, a pat on the head, and a huge jar of sedatives.

There are loads of girls missing here in Japan. Most are never found. There are also loads of Hikikomori here who are very rarely seen....except when they try to kidnap little girls. Is there a connection? Hmmmmmmmm.....probably has never occurred to the NPA.

Monday, September 15, 2003

I wish I was making this stuff up but unfortunately I'm not: Yakuza armed with shit and grenades terrorize major Jap town Here we have a perfect example of how the Yakuza actually run things here in Japan. A small group of Yakuza extort money from locals and brutally attack those who try to resist while the police stand by and do nothing. We are not talking about a large group either....we are talking about less than 10 individuals.

This is not unusual when you see the obvious collusion between Yakuza and the police here in Japan. According to one knowledgeable informant with the inside track on the NPA, the first thing a new policeman does is meet the local Yakuza boss, bow and scrape before his master and exchange business cards. How cozy! The police seldom intervene in Yakuza activities except when the violence escalates to a point where innocent people might get hurt. Thus, the Yakuza can do whatever they want as long as they don't disturb the "Wa" or group harmony, which is so important here in Japan.

Well, the people in Kyushu are tough folks and I admire them. They have stood up to the Yakuza even though it took a grenade attack at a local hostess club to force them to take action. Locals cornered the yakuza lunatic after the attack and choked him to death. (Score one for Yakuza victims all over Japan!) Later, 1000 locals held an anti-Yakuza rally in the city center while community leaders continued to badger the NPA. These lazy goobers finally took some action although as usual it was a day late and a dollar short. The "heroic" NPA cracked down on illegal parking and searched the Yakuza's headquarters arresting 27 on charges of assault and extortion. Wow!

If you take this police action at face value it sounds impressive. 27 arrests! Great! But if you look beneath the surface, this belated action reveals the cozy relationship between the Yakuza and the NPA. The locals in Kita Kyushu had been terrorized for over 10 years by a few Yakuza goons while the police did next to nothing to stop them. It was only after the grenade attack when the citizens organized an anti-yakuza protest that the police finally bit the bullet and reigned in their Yakuza buddies. 1000 angry citizens marching in the streets forced the NPA to do their jobs not some sense of duty.

Will the rest of Japan learn anything from this? Will they see what can happen when they get angry and complain about the irresponsible and downright stupid behavior of their government officials? Don't count on it. People in Tokyo could care less about what happens in the rest of Japan. Several knowledgeable people I talked to had heard of the grenade attack, but none had heard that about the anti-Yakuza rally.....I wonder why?

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Here is another story the Japanese government would like to keep quiet:30,000+ Japanese kill themselves every year I am sure the government doesn't want to expose the fact that the mental health system in this country is a complete farce. There are almost no safety nets for people pushed over the edge by the stress of living in a society where people are encouraged to work 60+ hours a week and never complain about their shitty little lives. Unlike other countries where people would get angry and march in the streets over the outrageous, abusive, irresponsible and disreputable behavior of government and industry, here in Japan the Japanese just prefer to kill themselves. After all, killing yourself is easier than trying to fix things, right? Breathing in deadly carbon monoxide gas or jumping in front of a train is easier for Japanese people than writing a letter of complaint or organizing a protest! Oh, and it is certainly easier for the government and industry if the malcontents kill themselves....we certainly wouldn't want a bunch of angry malcontents inconveniencing government and industry, would we?

Yet, just like everything else in Japan, suicide is a group activity! This year there have been a large number of cases of groups of strangers who met over the internet getting together to kill themselves. There have also been quite a few cases of whole families driving their cars off piers into the ocean, mothers and children stepping in front of trains, and parents strangling their spouses and children. Where do people get these ideas? On internet sites designed to facilitate suicides: Internet Suicide Pacts Of course, like most things in Japan the idea of an internet suicide pact did not originate in Japan. They copied the idea from other people, most likely the Koreans who experienced a similar phenomenon a few years ago. Too bad they didn't copy other useful things from the Koreans like protesting and fighting for worker's rights....might not be so many suicides if people tried to make things better here rather than always taking the easy way out.

Let's not forget that many people are killing themselves for the insurance pay-outs: Suicide for Money This is especially common among older men who have been laid off or just get tired of the stresses of working long hours, riding incredibly crowded trains, and living in rabbit hutches. Why bother doing this when you can insure yourself, commit suicide, and set your family up for life. So many people have been doing this that insurance companies have been refusing to pay out in cases of suicide.

Other people kill themselves because they are in debt. Loan sharking is a big business here in Japan with the government doing almost nothing to regulate this incredibly profitable Yakuza business. Annual interest rates of 6,000% have caused many people to choose death rather than try to get out from under this mountain of debt. The interest rates at banks are at 0% but the banks have no interest in loaning money to regular people. After all, a Japanese bank is not there to serve the interest of its depositors only its owners! Besides, loaning money to regular people has always been the business of the Yakuza. Legitimate banks wouldn't want to interfere with the Yakuza's business, would they? Maybe that's why ATMs in Japan close at 9pm? So, people who need small amounts of money for entertaining or taxis have to rely on the so-called "Salariman Banks" which are ATMs set up by yakuza loansharks with incredibly high interest rates attached. Read here to see how these gents conduct their business:Yakuza loansharking

The Yakuza sure are nice guys, aren't they? These guys are responsible for the economic mess in Japan but don't think the government or police will do anything to provoke their masters! The Yakuza run the show here! Yakuza Recession

Saturday, September 13, 2003

I don't have any clever introduction for this story. Let's just say that it is a touchy subject between over-protective mothers and their sons: Land of the Rising Son

Which leads me to this story: Child Abuse: A hidden secret of Japan Remember: these numbers represent only a fraction of the actual cases. The vast majority of the cases of child abuse go unreported just like crime....the NPA and the government don't even have a clear idea of what constitutes abuse. If they did kiddie porn and teenage sex services wouldn't be such a growth industry here in Nippon.

Friday, September 12, 2003

My post about the school-girl bloomers and the perverts seemed to have hit a nerve with some of our readers judging from the number of emails I have received. One in particular, from another foreigner in Japan, deserves to be read by all so I will share it with you today:

Howdy Smeg,
I just read your entry today, and it's funny how it coincides with a
letter I was sending a friend about the same thing. I saw a train
poster yesterday that had what had to be a 13 year old girl posing with a
bathing suit cleavage shot. It made me sick. This was on the train. People used to be ashamed to look at such stuff, not because it's cleavage, but
because it's jail bait cleavage. Not so here.

I remember when my son was in primary school, and the girls wearing those tight little shorts thingys, I remember thinking at the time, those are - peculiar- not hardly comfortable for doing sports, just highly visible doing them. But if you've attended the "Sports Days" here, you'll know how sick it really all is. Rain, thunder andlightning, heat [I'm talking 4-5 hours in the sun] while the parents sit in tents to watch. I have yanked my son out of events that I thought too long, for no apparant reason as to only amuse the adults.

And the issue with kids wearing shorts in the winter- I could go on for days all the unbelievable shit that I've seen first hand. I'm still here, and lately I really wonder why.

Yesterday they had an asshole out spraying insecticide in my
backyard- "aimed " at the trees but sorta just going in the air. I screamed at
them to stop, people live here, and it's poison, they stopped, and told me shut the window. I told them to stop again. A cell phone call an old man shows up, and a debate, then - they all left. All this for what? It's so sick-
people do not do anything to stand up for themselves.

I really hate it here sometimes... Bla bla bla. Sorry to vent. But I know how frustrating it is here, too- believe me.

Well, I wish I could say things were going to get better in Japan but somehow I don't think they will....there are just not enough foreigners here to make a difference. Foreigners have always been a catalyst for change here in Japan but these days most say "to Hell with Japan and the stupidity" and they go home. Probably they have done the right thing.

Meanwhile, I am getting my "Cow shit-fertilizer, water balloon" bombs ready for the inevitable return of the bosozoku this evening.....
I got an email from a loyal reader commenting on his experiences with Japanese salarymen and their fascination with child pornography. This prompted me to share this little jewel with you: a book about the skin-tight bikini bottoms that elementary and junior high school girls wear for PE. Bloomers in Japan Yes, it's true....elementary and junior high school girls are forced to wear skin-tight bikini bottoms called "bloomers" while they participate in PE classes. These disgusting bits of spandex leave nothing to the imagination and can only be described as a "paedophile's dream come true." Folks, there is just no way you can justify this nonsense....it is simply obscene.

Don't believe me? Here are a few quotes from the publisher:

"the bashful Tokushima company president who we'll identify only as The Boss claims that he merely wanted to pay tribute in a reference book to what he regards as an historically important garment, critics claim his work makes it rife for little girls to become the target of perverts looking to have a crack at getting a shot of them in their skimpy underpant-like sports gear......because the skintight bloomers got caught up in the various cracks above a woman's thighs, or sometimes undies poked through the sides, girls became embarrassed to wear them. Making matters worse was the burusera (bloomer seller) boom (of the early '90s where young girls were encouraged to sell their soiled bloomers to customers with less than savory intentions). It turned bloomers into a sellable commodity with erotic value for adults....its final 50 pages contain some 150 photos of bloomer-clad babes -- with so many schoolgirl pics included, babes is in fact the operative word.....'We really wanted to get shots that showed why schoolgirls really hated bloomers. For that reason, we couldn't print without shots of how the bloomers used to get caught up in the girls' cracks.' " What a nice guy, huh? A real humanitarian!

During the early days when I had just arrived in Japan I noticed that the junior high school athletic field seemed to attract a lot of attention from what I thought were sports enthusiasts....there were always lots of guys lined up around the perimeter fence intently watching whatever was taking place on the field. I innocently thought that these Japanese guys must really like sports until I went over to the fence one day to see just what was so exciting....I nearly had a cow! There were about fifty, 13-year-old girls doing leg spreaders and bend and reaches on the field just 100 meters away while their male teacher strolled around taking in the full view!!!!! I couldn't believe it! It was so bizarre and so obviously perverted that I didn't know how to react...I was just dumbfounded by this blatant perversity!!!!!! I looked around and saw the guys happily leering at the girls...some even with binoculars, on a busy street with people walking past acting as if nothing strange was happening....and, to them, nothing strange was happening!!!!

My Japanese wife, standing calmly and unconcerned beside me through all this, informed me that most Japanese men did not consider leering at pubescent girls to be wrong, hence, the line-up at the fence! I think it was at that exact moment when I knew something was really wrong here....this went beyond being culturally relative. This was publicly accepted perversion in it's worst form.

So, if you are ever in Japan and you see a group of men lined up at a fence near a school, don't assume they are sports fans......the only sport they enjoy is a game of pocket pool.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

If you think the Right Wing is not a problem here in Nippon, then you need to read this:Tokyo Governor Advocates Terrorism This guy is Governor of one of the biggest cities in the world and he wants to be Prime Minister! What happens when his dreams come true?
What are japanese housewives up to these days? Turning tricks for one thing: Amateur Hour And it is not being done discreetly either. Enter just about any phone box in Tokyo and you will find hundreds of ads taped to the glass. Look in the newspapers and you will find loads of ads with pictures. Open your mailbox and you find even more ads! Sex is probably the largest growth industry in Japan!

And why not? If turning tricks is good enough for the teenage daughter it is good enough for the mother too! There certainly doesn't seem to be any stigma attached to selling your body here in Japan. Many students in my high school were involved in the sex industry. A few of the really daring ones even passed out business cards! I mentioned this to a teacher and she told me that it was just a phase that some of the girls went through and that there was little they could do to stop them. HMMMMMM....

Of course, I could see why some of the teachers weren't interested in stopping the girls....I once checked the "history" on the teachers computer and found that the majority of the sites that had been viewed on the teacher's computer were porn sites.....most featuring girls in high school uniform! HMMMMMMMM.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Here is a story about being in the wrong place at the wrong time: BBC NEWS | Wales | North East Wales | Japan prisoner 'feared for life' Here in "modern" Japan a law-abiding, educated, legal, foreign resident has no legal rights. The police can arrest you and hold you for 23 days without cause...just on suspicion. I was nearly arrested once for simply asking for directions to the drivers license office!!!!

Once you are arrested they will find something to charge you with. There are any number of unsolved crimes that they are just waiting to get off their books. You are charged and tossed into a cell. No phone calls are allowed. If you resist you are beaten to a pulp by a group of cops who want to work off some frustrations. Even if you don't resist you stand a good chance of being beaten. You are a foreigner, you have no rights. After a few beatings they keep you awake for several days and every so often they give you the rubber hose treatment. Then, when you are a complete mess they send in a Japanese lawyer who tells you to sign a document written in Japanese. He doesn't care what you have to say. You are guilty. This is Japanese justice.
In case you didn't already know it, alcoholism and public drunkeness are a huge problem in Japan. Walk down the street of any major city on any given night and you will see the drunks staggering along, zombie-like, as they try desperately to make the last train home. The train platforms become a public pissing and puking area with fights a common occurrence.
Drunk drivers are also all over the roads. My apartment overlooks a public parking area and just about every night I watch the drunks stagger through the parking lot, stop for the obligatory piss against the apartment building, and then climb into their cars and drive off on their missions of destruction. My complaints to the city and the NPA are ignored. Of course, the "caring and concerned" Japanese government is still trying to determine if alcoholism is a serious problem! Talk about a day late and a dollar short! Japan targets drunkenness

So, how does the Japanese government respond to the problem of rampant alcoholism? Restrict alcohol sales? Take the beer and sake machines off the streets? Get rid of all the alcohol advertising plastered all over the place? Nope! They are going to make it easier for the drunks to buy alcohol! Buy Gas - Get Pissed! That's right! Gas stations, video stores, pizza delivery places, discount stores, drugstores, and florists will all offer more alcohol to a nation already over-loaded with drunken imbeciles. Talk about throwing gasoline onto a fire! How much more irresponsible can the Japanese government be?

Kirin Breweries Co., Japan's biggest beer company, is pissing themselves with glee, "We forecast 20,000 new outlets will be selling liquor by 2005," a company spin-doctor tells Shukan Post. "We don't think the results will be immediately obvious, but we're going to continue working to get more places selling."

I think I can predict what the results will be....a massive increase in drunken driving, public drunkeness, under-age drinking, and alcohol related illnesses. But hey! Don't worry! The NPA will protect us! Just like they protected these two, 14-year-old girls: Drunk driver gets 5-1/2 years for killing two girls!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Two teenage bosozoku members, ages 13 and 14, beat up a Japanese policeman and stole his motorcycle: More Bosozoku Antics The NPA sure are an impressive bunch of law enforcers!

The real joke is that the xenophobic Japanese media have recently been harping on the fictional rise in crimes committed by foreigners, currently 1.39% of all crimes in Japan, while ignoring the fact that 98.6% of the crimes are committed by Japanese people! Foreigners are dangerous! What they fail to point out is that these so-called crimes committed by foreigners are not actually violent crimes but involve things as trivial as forgetting to carry your Japanese ID or over-staying your visa! But, it is always easier for the Japanese government to blame the foreign scapegoat than to admit the truth!
Ignore the teenage motorcycle gangs racing through the streets with bats and chains but arrest the foreigner for leaving his ID card at home!!!!

Monday, September 08, 2003

Made in Japan! Thank our Japanese "allies" for this one!
It has been a quiet day here and I must say I am grateful for the change. I guess even the right wing and the bosozoku have to sleep....even though it must be difficult sharing a bed with so many people and all of them men or boys!! After all they are "in bed" with the NPA, the LDP, Governor Ishihara and well over half the elected officials in this country.....

The stock market here is all in a tizzy today....seems there is a rumour that the North Koreans are going to launch a missile tomorrow....I don't know why this should come as a shock to the Japanese since these missiles should have a sign on them that says "MADE IN JAPAN!" Japanese Keep Selling Dangerous Items To North Korea! Hey, anything for a buck!
The Japanese are such lovely people! Nothing has been done for these unreported and unrecorded victims of nuclear Japan: Japanese nuclear 'slaves' at risk Has there ever been a public outcry here in Nippon? No....the Japanese believe "If we pretend we don't see it, then the problem doesn't exist!" And after all, homeless people are disposable in Japan!

I know I keep harping on this but I want people to hear about Japan's Nuclear Slaves. Please post links to this story! Publically shaming the Japanese is the only way to get them to admit responsibility and do the right thing.....

Oh, and I would be in bed right now but after a day of being hammered by right wing soundtrucks blasting out their hate-filled nonsense at 50,000 decibels, I now have their junior partners, the bosozoku (teenage motorcylce gangs that race up and down the streets with no mufflers), to contend with. The noise and shit just never ends here....

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Sunday morning and the right wing are blasting their obnoxious music and messages of hate at ear-shattering volume. It began at 0820 this morning....when will it end? The local police stand idly by with smug smiles on their little, yellow faces. It's going to be a long, frustrating, bad day.....

Saturday, September 06, 2003

The past is inescapable. No matter how hard they try it always comes back to haunt the Japanese! Hundreds of suspected gas shells found underwater in Fukuoka Too bad the government doesnt take responsibility and publically identify areas where the Imperial Japanese Army dumped all of their chemical weapons.....could doing so be an admission of guilt? Don't drink the water! You decide....

Friday, September 05, 2003

Think Japan has a modern legal system? Think again! Read the story of Mr Patrick Loughlin. He was working in Kariya, Japan, when he was involved in a brawl with Japs brandishing weapons, including a Kendo sword. One of these drunk idiots died after falling and hitting his head on a wall. Despite having been confronted with a group of armed Japanese, Loughlin was the only person arrested and charged. His original lawyer could not speak English and against Mr Loughlin's instructions entered a guilty plea on his client's behalf. He spent the next four years in a Japanese prison where he was abused by his Japanese jailers (imagine that!?). Japanese Justice=Japanese Joke Is this an unusual case? HELL NO! It happens every day! What can we learn from this? Any foreigner involved in a dispute in Japan is automatically considered guilty and any foreigner who is the victim of a crime is shit out of luck.
Ever wonder what Charlie Sheen, Meg Ryan, Bruce Willis, Madonna, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Whitney Houston, Pierce Brosnan, and David Beckham have in common? They all pander for the Japanese! Panderers in Japan You would think that having a gazillion dollars already would preclude most of these undertalented boneheads from flogging cigarettes, beer, and tea in Japan, wouldn't you? Guess again! The Japanese are always happy to have cute foreigners shill for them!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

I recently chronicled the big Japanese "pity party" which occurs every August here in Japan (see my rant of Aug. 7th). This is the annual "moan and groan" festival in Hiroshima and Nagasaki where Japanese leaders gather to pay homage to the poor victims of "warmongering" America's "unprovoked" atomic attacks on "innocent" Japan during the "War That Never Occurred" otherwise known as WWII in the rest of the intelligent world.

Yesterday, I reminded my readers of the infamous nuclear accident at Tokai, Japan in 1999 in which the clever Japanese managed to create the world's first nuclear reaction inside a stainless steel bucket and the secret use of homeless people to clean up the mess after the media had dissappeared.

Now, dear friends, let's see what these clever folks have been up to recently: Japan Exports Nuclear Tech to the Axis of Evil Yes, that's right! The same folks that brought you the Nanking Massacre, WWII, Unit 731, chemical weapons dumps all over Asia, sexual slavery, school-girl prostitution, and nuclear slaves are today laying the ground work for the next nuclear armageddon! These dopes are exporting high tech machinery which can be used to create better rocket fuels to Iran, North Korea, various Middle Eastern and former Soviet Bloc countries! Not only are these boobs exporting machinery to improve rocket fuels they are also exporting high tech equipment that is used in the production of nuclear weapons! According to the Asahi Shimbun, "Last month at a U.S. Senate hearing, a former engineer who is said to have been engaged in developing ballistic missiles in North Korea testified, '90 percent of the parts came from Japan,' and that 'they were shipped on the Mang Gyong Bong-92 every three months.' ''

A recent Time magazine article states, "Those who have witnessed North Korean arms-manufacturing operations are not surprised that Japan is a source of components. Kim Do Sung, who defected from the North in 1997 and now goes by a pseudonym to protect relatives back home, says he worked for nine years at Plant 38, a huge armaments factory in the city of Huichon in the northern province of Jaggang. Kim says the vast majority of the computer chips and electronic components used in missile guidance systems there were Japanese. He recalls unloading a shipment of equipment from Japan that was like a Christmas stocking for missile scientists, packed with oscilloscopes for analyzing trajectory, special welding machines to make the seamless joints needed in a missile body, computer chips and picture tubes used in monitors to track missile routes. 'Without foreign parts we couldn't have made the missiles,' says Kim." Read the whole article here: Japan: Arsenal of the Axis

So, not only are some Japanese companies greedy they are also incredibly stupid! But, what about the Japanese government? What are they doing to prevent rogue countries from getting their hands on nuclear technology? Not a damn thing! Especially when that country has OIL!!!!! Take Iran for instance. Not exactly a paragon of virtue, right? Well, the Japanese have extended the Iranians a $3,000,000,000 credit line in return for preferential rights to the Azadegan oilfield. This has not made the Bush administration very happy since they identified Iran as a member of the "Axis of Evil" along with North Korea. But the Japanese have been very busy trying to seperate the two issues. Oil and nuclear technology are not related!!?? The Japanese government has even pressured the Iranians to comply with IAEA protocols and inspections to give their dealings with Iran an air of respectability. I wonder what the inspectors found? Nuclear Iran

Investing $3,000,000,000 in Irans oilfields while Japanese companies sell missile technology to Iran doesn't seem like the actions of a respectable country, does it? Especially one that prides itself in being the victims of the world's only atomic attack. Where will Japan's quest for oil end? Will they sell their soul to the Devil for Iranian oil? We will do anything for OIL! Too late! They already have!

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Ever heard of the nuclear accident at Tokai, Japan? This is the only recorded time in history when a nuclear reaction was started in a stainless steel bucket!!!!! Only in Japan!!!!!This is a story that all of you must read from start to finish: Nuclear Boobs If, after reading this article, you have any doubts about the monstrous stupidity of modern Japan then there is nothing more I can say that will convince you....this nuclear accident at Tokai in 1999 and subsequent cover-up is the ultimate in modern-day Japanese stupidity. I was here when it happened. I saw it with my own eyes.

What this article also fails to mention is that the clean-up after the accident was carried out by unprotected homeless people who were brought to the plant in busses from Tokyo....these poor wretches had no idea what they were doing. This article is taken from the Earthisland. org website: Nuclear Slaves (You have to scroll down to find this and other stories about the accident).

Nuclear Slaves
Japan - "As unemployment grows in Japan, the nuclear industry is creating new job opportunities for "nuclear slaves." Hundreds of homeless people have been hired to clean the country's nuclear reactors. Attracted by high wages, an estimated 5,000 workers have been hired on a part-time basis. Supervision is lax: Some workers complain that they were told to keep on working even after their radiation detectors started beeping. Some workers travel from reactor to reactor - piling up more exposure to radiation. There is no compensation for workers who fall ill and many fear speaking out because the recruiters have been linked to Japan's criminal mobs."

So, do you still think I am crazy?

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I have received many inquiries about the recent deployment of my patented "Cowshit-Fertilizer Balloon Bombs" and whether or not they were successful in deterring the bosozoku. Well, I have to admit that by the time I got to my staging area with my bucket of cowshit bombs, the little bastards had scootered off in a cloud of exhaust and ear-shattering noise to terrorize another neighborhood. Too bad!

Don't worry..... they will be back and I will be ready.....there is always plenty of shit to go around here.
This newstory is a few years old but it provides excellent information on the teenage motorcycle gangs known as "bosozoku" some of whom are racing up and down the street as I write this....now just might be the time to deploy my cowshit fertilizer balloon bombs! Motorcycle gangs ride roughshod in Japan

This stuff would be comical if it wasn't so irritating....It seems to be a regular feature on the TV news here. I can only imagine the laughter of a group of American policemen if they could only watch the Japanese version of the the "Keystone Cops" trying to stop ten, 14 year old kids on motorscooters. With over 100 policemen deployed, as well as inflatable barriers, net guns, and police cars they were only able to stop one kid and that was because his bike stalled. Watching this TV news story with some Japanese people I was struck by the fact that none of them seemed to think that the police had done a bad job....Most seemed to think that the police had actually done a good job! In other words, they think that the absolutely shitty job that the police do here is perfectly acceptable....the question is WHY?

This is mainly because most Japanese people have shitty jobs that force them to work 60 hours a week so that they can live in shitty little houses that cost on average $300,000 and fall apart in a few years but are close enough to Tokyo that they only have to spend 4 hours a day in shitty trains where they are packed together like sardines. All of this so that they can spend their 12 hours of free time each week buying shitty, over-priced designer goods at shitty, over-crowded shops because doing so makes them feel better about their shitty little lives.....

Yet, nobody complains....there is no whiff of revolution in the air.....they have been so intensively socialized by the government here to accept shit as the normal standard for so long that they can't imagine anything different. What is the alternative? Obviously, America is a big, bad, crime-ridden place where everybody carries a gun and will shoot you just for target practice, especially if you are Japanese. Why would they think this? Because the government feeds them a steady diet of news about the terrible crime in America.....After all, if the government says it, then it must be true, right? Americans are all lunatics with a penchant for violence and itchy trigger fingers....nothing you can say can change their minds. Take them to America and let them see for themselves and they will agree with you but just wait until they get back to Japan. In a few weeks they are back to the old "America is dangerous" mindset. The intensive brainwashing is just too much for them.

The point is that these people would think that shit is vanilla ice cream if the government told them so.....meanwhile I am going to launch my cowshit bombs on the bosozoku and add to America's unsavoury reputation.....

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