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Sunday, August 31, 2003

In the US and the UK you have Tony Blair and George Bush trying to cover up scandals but not in Japan! Typical Japanese Bureaucrat
In the UK they have the "Naked Chef" but here in Japan they have the Naked Teacher

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Here is an example of the quality of Japanese science these days: Japanese Brain deficiency??? Please don't think that this sort of "pseudo-scientific bullshit" is rare here in Nippon....it's normal. Other examples would be the famous "We Japanese can't catch AIDS because we are genetically different from other humans" or "We Japanese can't learn foreign languages because our brains are designed differently." Both of these masterpieces of scientific reasoning have been offered to me as scientific fact by various Japanese university professors and medical doctors.

Some jewels from the article are extracted here for your reading pleasure:

"The frontal lobe, situated behind the forehead, is the most developed part of the human brain. Those who suffer from disorders of this part of the brain exhibit the same symptoms as young people today--they do not care what other people think of them. These people ignore the situations or people around them. For instance, they suddenly become upset in quiet gatherings, making obscene remarks about women walking along the street, or acting disgracefully in a crowd.....If young people are unable to understand other people's feelings or cannot restrain their passions, it is apparent that sooner or later they will turn to crime."

"Racially, the Japanese are Mongoloid and the development of a Mongoloid's brain is slow. From the anthropological viewpoint, Mongoloid children should be raised slowly and carefully in large families and be exposed to complex social relationships. This kind of environment is essential in raising Japanese children to ensure that their frontal lobe develops properly. Most people used to raise children in this manner."

"After World War II, however, Japanese society became extremely Westernized and large families have become rare in this country. In the Western-style houses prevalent in Japan, children spend much of their time in their own rooms and the number of children has declined. The biggest problem is that mothers and children have become too closely bound during the child-rearing phase."

"Though traditional Japanese food, based on fish and rice, was most suited for the brains of the Japanese, dietary habits have become Westernized over the years."

There you have it....all problems in Japan are caused by those nasty foreigners!

Friday, August 29, 2003

Love Hotels This one requires no comments from me....it writes itself. By the way, love hotels are hotels that offer rooms by the hour and are about as numerous as convenience stores in this country....there are at least a dozen within five minutes of every train station in the Tokyo area. Have fun with this one!
550,000,000 Yen allocated for poison gas probe in Kamisu, Ibaraki Wonder how much the Chinese victims have gotten or will get? After all, some 2000 Chinese have died since the end of the war from Japanese poison gas.....How have the "honorable" Japanese taken care of these victims?
Here is an oldie but a goodie! Momma's Boys
Here is an excellent article on the right wing loons here in Japan: The Emperor is God! It's very rare to see much in the Western media about these clowns so I have taken the liberty to post some extracts for those of you too lazy to read the whole thing.....

"This is the world of the right-wing sound truck. Tokyo may be known internationally for its decorum, but for decades the perennially aggrieved men in paramilitary fatigues who operate these vehicles have made earsplitting public disturbances a regular feature of life here.
The Japanese have often assumed a link between these militant nationalists, who appear to have free run of the streets, and the country's leadership. In fact, the huge buses and trucks filled with scowling crews in headbands are usually escorted through the streets by chummy policemen in squad cars, even as they flout public nuisance laws limiting sound levels

"Former far-rightists, retired policemen and historians say, though, that they are not just noisy pressure groups. These observers contend that many of the nationalists disturb the peace and intimidate people freely because of their deep ties to the country's conservative political elite. Those who have studied them say that they are useful in bullying opponents of the long-governing, and conservative, Liberal Democratic Party and that many of them are actually members of criminal gangs that use their influence and protection to practice extortion."

"But those familiar with the groups say disturbing the peace is the least of the problems. They say the noisy disruptive behavior masks other, far more serious crimes, like extortion.
"Historically, the line between radical elements of the right and elite elements of the L.D.P. has been a very thin one," said Sheldon M. Garon, a professor of Japanese history at Princeton. Mr. Garon said many of the party's well-known top politicians had been members of rightist groups. Japan's mainstream press, which has sometimes been among the victims of far-right violence, treats the subject as taboo.
Akio Kuroki, a retired policeman and freelance journalist, whose police job was to monitor right-wing groups, said they enjoyed close ties with law enforcement. "The police are supposed to be neutral, but they are very close to the right-wingers and their mentality," he said. "If the right-wingers break the law, they are supposed to be arrested, but many police feel that would spoil the relationship.

"Japan today has lost its purpose as a nation and is stuck with a dysfunctional system," said Mitsuhiro Kimura, 45, the leader of a far-right group named Issuikai, in a recent interview with the newspaper Asahi Shimbun. "Political corruption is beyond belief. I just don't believe the law can fix all the problems." Mr. Kimura said his group approved of the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States and supported Palestinian suicide missions. The goal of Issuikai, one of about 800 such groups in Japan, is to carry out a revolution that would restore political power to Japan's emperors."

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Here is a classic quote that sums up Japan...make sure you read all the comments at the bottom!
Quote Of The Day

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Japan urged to apologize over 1923 ethnic slaughter I hate to say it but I don't think this going to happen anytime soon. As for compensation, forget it!

Japan has earthquakes of various magnitude almost everyday....most are small and are not felt by many people. But recently there have been a large number of serious tremors which have shook the city hard enough that even the drunk salarymen passed out on the sidewalks sat up and took notice.

These serious tremors would create quite stir in any other country. Local governments might start planning for a serious earthquake, advising people to store water and food, planning evacuation routes, attempting to co-ordinate emergency services, etc. But not here in Japan. The Japanese don't believe in preparing for emergencies. Instead, they deal with emergencies just as deal with crime or any other serious issue that demands immediate attention. They ignore it.

The Japanese suffer from what I like to refer to as The Ostrich Syndrome. They think that if they ignore the problem that it will eventually go away. They ignore the trash on the streets, the drunks on the sidewalks, the teenage prostitutes, the foreign sex slaves, the child molesters that hang around the schools, the teenage motorcycle gangs, the racist right wing, the incompetent police, the even more incompetent government, and the huge, apparently-reawakening volcano, known as Fuji-san, that looms over Tokyo.....what will happen when this behemoth suddenly starts belching smoke? Mt. Fuji Eruption

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

The right wing lunatics here in Nippon just will not give up their dream of a "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere." More Right Wing Antics These boneheads are trying to lay claim to a small group of islands off the coast of Taiwan. The right wingers insist that this is Japanese territory even though no Japanese live there nor have they ever lived on the islands which have been considered part of Taiwan for the last 400 years. So, why are the lunatic right in Japan so interested in these bits of rocks in the East China Sea?

Why? Because oil has been found in the waters surrounding the islands. In resource-poor Japan, a reliable supply of oil is a key component for the nation's continued economic growth and security. This was one of the many justifications for their invasion of SE Asia 62 years ago and is still a dream the lunatic right cling to as they plot Japan's return to dominance in Asia.

In the past, Japan has sent armed patrol boats to chase off Taiwanese fishermen who have traditionally used the island as a base. Chinese protestors were also surrounded and forced away from the islands as recently as a few months ago. However, Japanese patrol boats stood idly by this week as Japanese right wingers landed on the island to tend to a lighthouse that they had built on the island a few years ago.

Just imagine what will happen when the right wing actually take full power in Japan....what would they do then?
How far would they go to see Japan regain it's former imperial power?

Monday, August 25, 2003

Well troops, I had to get out of this zoo for a couple of days so I hopped on my motorcycle and headed for the mountains....1.5 hours on the expressway cost me only $30 in tolls one way! But, its better than sitting in endless traffic jams which is the only other alternative. So, the next time you moan about paying a few dollars to use wide, spacious roads, remember me and thank God you don't live here!

Of course, sometimes I have no choice and I have to take regular roads. This is usually a nightmare! The roads have no signs for the most part.....no street names or numbers except for major roads. Neighborhood streets go nowhere and look as though they were designed by a load drunken sailors out for a lark. Most are not big enough for two cars to pass. Stop signs are posted about 15 feet off the ground, on the side, and are usually obscured by trees. That's ok, because nobody here seems to worry too much about traffic laws since there is no one to enforce them. (see my numerous rants about the NPA!)

If you have a motorcycle in Japan it is perfectly acceptable to ride between cars on 2 or 4-lane roads or in the gutter in order to get through traffic jams and even normal traffic. Imagine riding between jammed cars on a 4-lane highway at 40 mph with only 3 feet of space and sometimes only inches of clearance between you and the 18-wheel trucks! Sound relaxing? It is the only way! Today, it actually me longer to go 8 miles on a regular road than it took for me to go 40 miles on the expressway! That's with riding between the cars and trucks! However, I can't do anything about the hundreds of old-fashioned stoplights that work on a timer. I just have to stop and wait at the intersection for no apparent reason just like everyone else.....

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Japan: No Missile Parts in N. Korea Ship They are as usual, a day late and a dollar short on this one. This North Korean ship has been regularly calling at Japanese ports for years without any interference from the ever-so-vigilant Japanese police. The North Koreans have been actively purchasing high tech equipment from Japan for years using Japanese and Korean businessmen as "fronts" for this illicit and illegal activity. A North Korean spy submarine that was captured after grounding in shallow water off South Korea was found to contain loads of Japanese electronics.....Wonder how they got them?

According to the above article, "The boat came under suspicion earlier this year, when two alleged North Korean defectors testified before the U.S. Congress it had ferried from Japan up to 80 percent of the parts used in Pyongyang's missile program. Tokyo says the boat traditionally ships back the majority of millions of dollars in cash sent home every year from North Koreans living in Japan." So, basically the Japanese arm the bogeyman and then expect us to fight them when the shit hits the fan.....

Here is a report taken directly from Kyodo News:

Japan urges U.S. to leave room for attacking North Korea
Thursday, August 21, 2003 at 06:37 JST
WASHINGTON — Japan is urging the United States to stick to its nuclear umbrella and leave room for the U.S. military to be able to attack North Korea in the event the reclusive country is found to be planning an attack on Japan, informed sources said Wednesday.
Japan fears that if Washington promises Pyongyang not to attack it, the U.S. military would be unable to use force against North Korea even if there were revelations that the country intends to launch an offensive against Japan, the sources said.
(Kyodo News)

Aren't the Japanese just great people! Always looking out for #1!!!!

Japan does not accept responsibilty for WWII Poison Gas No big surprises here!

The typical Japanese response: "The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Japan expresses its condolences to the victim's family and will continue to respond sincerely to the accident in close cooperation with the Chinese." Well, that will help those Chinese victims!

Friday, August 22, 2003

Once again, the National Police Agency is up to their usual, laughable levels of crime-solving:School Girl Prostitute Murdered It is interesting to note that the victim's parents did not file a report until 4 days after she had gone missing.....why is that? Once again, the Japanese are up to their usual, laughable levels of parenting.....
These are the types of magazines that are on sale everywhere in Japan. High School Sex Magazines You can see these on display without any age restrictions right next to popular teen magazines. These magazines specialize in up-skirt photos of high school girls, most of them taken covertly in public places like stairways. Others are taken by hidden cameras in public toilets!!! Some of the girls from the high school where I was employed as a teacher discovered their pictures in these magazines!!!! This was after I had complained to the school on numerous occasions about the perverts with telephoto lenses hanging around in the woods near the school. The head teacher told me that there was nothing they could do as the police weren't interested in these types of crimes!!!!! I wonder why?
Here is a classic example of how Japan tries to hide the truth about this country. It was written by an exchange student from Norway who spent a year here. Make sure you read the whole thing, especially the part about "Finger Press" the magazine for perverts in Japan. Yes, that's right! They have their own magazine!Japanese Underage Prostitution
I know the stereotype of the Japanese is that they are all polite, considerate, and honorable but I am afraid that I am going to have shatter your illusions! However, I am not going slag them off! No, I will let you read what some Japanese have to say about the behavior of their own countrymen:What are some of the worst manners of Japanese? Don't forget to read the comments at the bottom of the page from other foreigners that live here....some are truly priceless!

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Here's a story that's not getting any coverage outside Japan and not really a lot here in Japan:More Yakuza Antics I wonder why? It has all the elements that CNN likes: gangsters, whores, violence, murder and mayhem.....Incidentally, the yakuza "hit man" did not bite off his own tongue....he suffocated after being dogpiled by club people and passersby....or did he?
If there was ever an appropriate name, this was it:
Necessary Evil

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Here is another amazing story from the safest country in the world! Tokyo Vice Cops Loads of hidden information in this one folks! But just in case you dont have time, here are some choice excerpts:

"In the old days, we almost never hit S&M Clubs," says the former cop. "Those guys are mostly into fetishes, and it was rare for insertion [into a bodily orifice] to take place. Then about five or six years ago, things started to change, and raids gradually increased.

"The main reason was that S&M clubs began offering anal sex as a part of their regular fare. This was done to the "M" girls (those who assume the submissive role). It was pretty rough, since their butts were getting pounded several times a day. Anyway, to take the pressure off, so to speak, they'd try to entice a customer to use the front door, which of course made it regular sex, and therefore illegal."

"Once we conducted a raid on a members-only club," the ex-cop recalls, "one customer, who was right in the middle of a kinky session, turned out to be a Diet member. Today he's famous, but at that time he was still a relative unknown, and we hauled him into the station. When our station boss recognized who he was, he bowed and scraped in apology, and we wound up giving him a lift home," he laughs.

What a great bunch of law enforcers!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Well, yesterday we were introduced to the fanatically nationalist governor of Tokyo and some of his policies and beliefs regarding foreigners in Japan. What a nice guy! And he got 70% of the vote in the last election so we can't say he is an atypical politician or not popular! What will happen if and when he becomes Prime Minister?

Governor Ishihara is really worried about foreign gangs operating here in Japan. Why is that? He certainly doesnt seem to be too worried about Japanese gangs which operate with impunity here in Japan. Japanese drug dealers operate quite openly in Tokyo, as do underage prostitutes, their pimps, and other nefarious scumbags, the sight of which would stagger a Western policeman. Could it be that these foreign gangs are taking business away from people who support Ishihara?

Just who are these supporters of Ishihara? That's easy to answer....they are most easily recognized by their funny, flashy clothes, their punch perms and their many tatoos....yes, that's right....the Yakuza! Yes, these "kindly" Japanese run most criminal activities in this country and are always eager to find new ways to expand their business empire. Could that be the reason that Governor Ishihara is proposing to make Las Vegas-style, casino gambling legal in Tokyo? I guess our tatooed friends would be very happy to assist Governor Ishihara with his plans! What do you think? A Casino Grows in Tokyo

What else are our nattily-dressed, punched-permed yakuza friends up to? Well, how about wrecking the Japanese economy for one thing! YakuzaRecession Yes, these nice guys are right in the thick of the economic mess here in Japan! According to Raisuke Miyawaki, a Tokyo University Law School graduate, former spokesman for Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone and former head of the National Police Agency's organized crime division, up to 50% of the bad debts held by Japanese banks could be impossible to recover because they involve organized crime and corrupt politicians. "I watched this develop in front of my eyes before I retired in the 1980s," he says. "The key issue today is that a substantial portion of the existing bad loans cannot be recovered solely by bankers because the original loans involved politicians, bankers and yakuza."

If all of this wasn't bad enough...how about supporting the thugish regime of Kim Jong-il of North Korea? Yes, Ishihara's tatooed friends are busy as little beavers! According to the Asia Times, "Coast guard officers in Japan are also believed to have uncovered evidence of a link between North Korea and mafia groups when they salvaged a ship last year that had been scuttled by its crew just before they were apprehended. The ship was almost identical to others used in North Korean smuggling rings, and contained a mobile phone with the stored numbers of known members of Japan's Yakusa criminal underworld."North Korea Loves Japanese Yakuza!

So, dear friends, the next time your company thinks about doing business in Japan, you had better stop and ask yourself just who are we doing business with?

Monday, August 18, 2003

Now that we have seen the performers in all their glory its time to look at the director who is just behind the curtain.....JapaneseJoke? Yes, this lovely guy is the governor of Tokyo and is waiting in the wings for the opportunity to step into the Prime Minister's job!!! Remember, in the last governor's election he got 70% of the vote! Sounds like he reflects the views of many Japanese people....Racist Governor of Tokyo

Let's look at what he says: Regarding the Rape of Nanking in 1937 by the Japanese army - "People say that the Japanese made a holocaust there, but that is not true. It is a story made up by the Chinese. It has tarnished the image of Japan, but it is a lie." It would have been impossible to kill so many people in such a short period of time." He is speaking of an incident in which over 200,000 Chinese civillians were raped and murdered by Japanese soldiers. Nanking Massacre

In a speech to the Japanese army regarding foreigners in Japan: "Many sangokujin (a derogatory term for Asians) and other foreigners who have entered Japan illegally have repeatedly committed atrocious crimes. In the event of a major earth quake, even riots may break out. Police have their limits. I hope you will not only fight against disasters but also maintain public security on such occasions. I hope you will show the Japanese people and the Tokyo people what the military is for in a state.'' In fact, crimes by foreigners represent less than 3% of all crimes committed in Japan. Ishihara=xenophobe Another interesting fact he forgot to mention: Japanese people slaughtered approx. 6000 Koreans during the 1923 Tokyo earthquake because of rumours that the Koreans had poisoned the wells. Japanese Massacre of Koreans in Tokyo-1923

Regarding minorities in America: "After the Los Angeles quake, it was ethnic minorities, including blacks and Hispanics, who went looting. The same thing would happen here." He went on to say "Although some Japanese might take part in riots, the strongest fear is about areas with high levels of illegal immigrants." In fact there was very little looting and no rioting after the L.A. earthquake.

Talking about crimes committed by Chinese in Japan: "There is fear--and not without cause--that it will not be long before the entire nature of Japanese society itself will be altered by the spread of this type of crime that is indicative of the ethnic DNA of the Chinese."

Quite the humanitarian, huh? Remember: he got 70% of the vote in the last gubernatorial election in Tokyo!!!!! He is just one step away from becoming Prime Minister! Just wait and see!

I have had several emails from fellow foreigners here in Japan complaining about the police in Japan and the various methods which the government uses to whip-up xenophobia amongst an already incredibly xenophobic population....In the next few days I will address this problem. But first, we have to introduce our star performers! So, without any further ado....take it away boys! Japanese Crimefighters

Sunday, August 17, 2003

If you read Friday's post you will know of my on-going war with the Japanese propaganda broadcast machine known as NHK. They like to present themselves as unbiased in their presentation of material relating to the War That Never Happened but it is painfully obvious that their primary mission is to misrepresent historical facts to the Japanese people. Take their selective editing of a broadcast on The Historical Significance of the Women's International War Crimes Tribunal held in Tokyo in 2000. According to the organizers of the event:

Sixty-four survivors of Japan's sexual slavery came to the Tribunal
from eight different countries. Each day, a total of more than a
thousand observers from both Japan and abroad were present. Country
prosecutors and Chief Prosecutors read out indictments; there was
testimony from women survivors, former Japanese soldiers, expert
witnesses, and an amicus curiae who explained the position of the
Japanese government, which failed to answer an invitation to send a
representative in its defense. At the end of the three days of
hearings, a panel of four judges, all experts in international law and
human rights, handed down their summary of findings, based on
international law. They declared that Japan's military sexual slavery,
known as the "comfort women" system, was not only a war crime, but a
crime against humanity
; they found the Showa Emperor Hirohito guilty,
and the Japanese government to have incurred state

In this broadcast NHK purposefully misrepresented the testimonies of former sex slaves who were forced to service the Japanese army in the War That Never Happened. NHK also misrepresented the views of commentators and historians, both foreign and Japanese, who presented the facts regarding Japan's use of sex slaves.

How did they do it? That's easy. According to the Tribunal's organizers:

The full name of the Tribunal, which included the
phrase "On Japan's Military Sexual Slavery " was not once mentioned,
nor were the sponsoring organizations. Other basic facts, such as the
aims of the Tribunal, and the defendants who were indicted at the
Tribunal were totally left in the dark, and not even the verdict,
which is the essential part of the Tribunal was introduced.

Prof. HATA Ikuhiko
of Nippon University, known as a rightwing scholar, was given ample
time to air his critical views
. Although he attended only the final
day of the Tribunal, when the verdict was handed down, Hata appeared
on the program as "a historian who attended the Tribunal." He cast
doubt on the survivors' testimonies, none of which he had heard, on
the grounds that there was no corroborating evidence to support
them. He then proceeded to present his well-known assertion, which
has already been refuted by recent scholarship: namely, that
prostitution having been legal at the time, "comfort women" were sold
by sex traffickers of their own countries and taken to "comfort
stations," where they were engaged in legal business (prostitution).

In addition, in order to fill in the time that was left over where
scenes of the Tribunal were slashed from the program, lengthy footage
from the previous night's program was shown, along with visual
materials that had nothing to do with the theme of judging wartime
sexual violence. Even these measures were not sufficient, however, and
the program ended four minutes early, which must have seemed most odd
to all concerned.

NHK stated that the program did not mention the
Tribunal's verdict in the interest of reconciliation between Japan and
its Asian neighbors
, that the program as broadcast was based on the
original project plan and editing policy, and that they
had not changed its contents in response to pressure from any
specific organization.

All during the Tribunal, members of rightwing organizations gathered
outside the venues to shout their protests against the Tribunal
, and
immediately after it was over, they began demanding that NHK cancel
the program on the Tribunal. In January, rightwing protests against
the Tribunal and NHK escalated. In this tense atmosphere, NHK
executives who saw the program that had been taped in the studio in
December ordered that it be altered so as to distance it from the
Tribunal, and the producers were forced to revise it many times over.
On January 27, three days before the program was to be broadcast, more
than 30 members of a number of rightwing organizations barged into the
NHK building
, violently demanding that the program be cancelled. On
the following day, December 28, the interview with Prof. HATA Ikuhiko
was added, and further revisions continued until immediately before
the program was aired.

Accordingly, rightwing organizations are crowing on their homepages, "
Victory over NHK! We really took the backbone out of that program! Let
's keep the pressure on!"

However, it is rumored that it was not only the violent intervention
of rightwing organizations, but also the pressure put on NHK
executives by government party politicians that led to the revision of
the program

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Just how special are the Japanese? Well, it's really too difficult for a simple, impatient American like me. So, like my mother always told me, "Actions speak louder than words!" Now, you can judge them by their actions:Sensitive Japanese Girls
This link speaks for itself and needs no help from me: We Japanese are so Special!

Yes, they are a "special people"!! Don't try to understand them! They are just too special for our under-developed Western minds!

The National Police Agency is composed of many "special people" and they need all the exposure they can get! So read on and enjoy! Japan: Where the cops are the criminals!

Friday, August 15, 2003

Oh.....forgot to mention...today is the 58th Anniversary of the end ot the War That Never Happened! That explains the steady stream of Right Wing idiots and the big pity party at Yasukuni Shrine: WorshipJapaneseWarCriminals

Meanwhile pedophile dream group "Morning Musume" have been hired to re-tool the Japanese military's image from violent, gang-raping thugs who terrorized all of Asia to violent, but cute, gang-raping thugs who will probably terrorize all of Asia once again:What War Crimes?

Here is a very good link to ponder:

Japs Claim Nanking Never Happened
Well....speak of the Devil.....no sooner have I mentioned the War That Never Happened and I have the Right Wing outside my building regaling me with their "Greatest Hits of 1937" album at 50,000 decibels! I doubt they read my blog...it's just a normal occurence here in the land of facist and fruitcakes!

I would hate to think what would happen if they ever did read my comments....I can report what has happened to other foreigners when they mentioned the War That Never Happened as well the Atrocities That Never Happened....Intimidation Hopefully this link will work. It doesn't seem to be working at the moment but lets hope the problem will be sorted out. Please read it as it will explain more in a few pages about the real Japan than I can in all of my rantings and ravings....

Don't worry if the link is down there are plenty more stories of woe from foreigners with good memories....Here is another good one: Japanese Crimes Against Humanity This one is rather long but if you skim down to the section titled"CENSORSHIP, ALTERATION, INTERPOLATION" you will find out how NHK, the government broadcast/propaganda machine, interviewed victims of Japan's militaristic aggression and then edited their stories in such a way so as to downplay, distort and disparage these innocent victims of Japan. Other commentators and historians were also duped by NHK and their comments were carefully edited in such a way so as to support other conservative/fascist commentators....Of course, the most damning part of the whole documentary in which Japan's victims placed the blame for these atrocities on poor, innocent Hirohito was completely edited out of the Japanese translation.

Well, what can we do? There are people here and abroad fighting this bullshit everyday.....pointing out to the Japanese and everyone else who will listen these terrible truths that they don't want to hear. What can you do from the comfort of the West where you are not exposed to Right Wing intimidation and government censorship? Well, the internet is a powerful weapon....I am sure that clever readers can think of many things to do.....
Just finished watching a documentary on WWII that was broadcast here in Japan. It was full of interesting material but was a bit confusing as some parts seemed to be missing.....I don't think I have to tell you which parts were left out, do I?
How about the entire Japanese role in the war? I am sure it must have been an oversight! They just forgot those videos or they probably just got misplaced.....it sometimes happens!

Now they are showing a documentary on Japanese doctors and nurses that served heroically in China....what humanitarians! Lots of footage of smiling Chinese peasants! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Well, another frustrating day here in Japan but there is nothing unusual about that. Still no update by the National Police Agency on the mysterious disappearance of the two little girls. As I reported in yesterday's post, the little girls were last seen playing with their friends near a river. One of the two sisters, age 7, was later found floating naked in the river by a passerby. Her bruised body led the keystone cops to pronounce her death as a simple drowning and not a criminal misdeed.....even though her sister hasn't been found and this is the land of Lolita-obcessed perverts! Never fear though, the same NPA that couldn't stop a 17 year old serial rapist until he had assaulted 54 women will solve this mystery! From their comments, it looks as they have already decided to sweep these two girls under the carpet along with the many others who mysteriously disappear here every year.

How can the NPA get away with this? How is it that the Japanese government can suppress the stories that I report to you everyday? How do they keep so many dark and evil misdeeds from ever seeing the light of day outside of Japan? That's an easy question to answer. It is simple. There is no such thing as freedom of the press here in Japan!

Shocking? Unbelieveable? Impossible? Not in Japan! Not in a country where no one complains and no one is accountable! The way it works here is this. All reporters operate within the rules of the "Kisha Club". This is a press pool system in which only members can attend any press conference or news briefing held by any government agency. Violate the rules of the club and you and your newspaper are out of the club and thus out of the news loop. What constitutes breaking the rules? Asking any hard questions or pointing out any inconsistencies in any statement made by any government official would be grounds for your expulsion. Not having yellow skin and a Japanese last name are also reasons to be excluded. Don't believe me? Well read this: KishaClub=Discrimination
Can't have those evil foreigners asking us hard questions, can we! They might embarass us with the truth!

As if the Kisha Club wasn't enough, the Japanese government passed legislation in May which limits press freedom even more sharply. The bill was designed to punish weekly magazines which are notorious for publishing embarassing stories about rich and powerful politicians. Now, if a story published by one of these magazines offends the goverment it can be censored and buried without ever seeing the light of day. Just read this: SayGoodbyetoFreedomofthePress
Government broadcast laws control TV and radio broadcasters. The Kisha Club system controls the newspaper reporters, both foreign and domestic. The final step was to legislate to control the magazines and that is exactly what they have done. Say goodbye to the truth here in kindly Japan!

What's next? The internet? Will people like me be censored? "No way! Not in Kindly Japan! We are peace-loving country!"

Wait, I hear a polite knocking on my door....wonder who that could be?
Ok, people....I need some help! Anyone that can explain how to create a "permalink" in very simple terms with a few examples to illustrate your points would be deeply appreciated by yours truly. I have struggled with this all day and still cant get it to work! HELP! Hit my email link on the side or just type in: whyjapansucks@yahoo.com

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Wow! What a busy news day here in Nippon! There are so many idiotic things happening here on a daily basis that it is just overwhelming! Let's begin with an "I told you so!" Cast your collective minds back to my post on July 28....the subject of that day was the incredibly violent, sexually explicit, comic books known as "manga" here in Japan and their influence on young people who are manga's most avid readers. These manga specialize in sick, perverted, sexual violence directed mainly at young women. Gang rape and sado-masochism are graphically depicted as are other forms of perverted entertainment. These manga are available everywhere and there are no restrictions on who can buy them. It is normal to see teenage boys as well as adult men reading these comics in public places such as in the train or office.

Well, today in Japan a 17-year-old student from a private high school in Fukuoka was arrested by the police after admitting that he had raped 31 women over the last 10 months. He also admitted to assaulting an additional 23 women during the same period. What was the inspiration for this one-boy, terror wave? According to the boy, he was inspired by the violent rape scenes depicted in Japanese porn and comic books.....hmmmmmm. Can Japanese society share some of his guilt? You decide: HonourableJapanese

In another story, this one from Hyogo Prefecture, the naked body of a 7 year-old girl was found floating in a river on Tuesday. The Keystone cops have investigated and have ruled the death a drowning even though the girl was bruised and was missing her clothes.....her 11 year-old sister is also missing.....seems a little curious to me......Japanese girls do not go swimming in the nude here in Japan but large numbers of young, Japanese girls are the victims of perverts.....JapaneseLoveChildren!
Here are some interesting statistics for you: ChildRapeinJapan Here are a few of the many stories that should shed some more light on the subject: KindlyJapaneseRapist

Meanwhile, the Japanese National Police Agency are hard at work:NPA=Idiots

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Question: Why were 36 Chinese construction workers in Heilongjiang province rushed to the hospital last week with all of the signs and symptoms of exposure to a chemical agent?

Question: Why are large numbers of residents of Kamisu, Japan showing all the signs and symptoms of exposure to a chemical agent?

Question: Why were 11 Japanese construction workers rushed to the hospital in Samukawa near Tokyo in September of 2002 showing all the signs and symptoms of exposure to a chemical agent?

Answer: Because they are all victims of the Imperial Japanese military's Chemical Weapons Program!

"What!!! The peace-loving Japanese made and used chemical weapons just like Sadaam Hussein?"

Yes, they did. But unlike Sadaam's chemical weapons these are not so difficult to find!

Chinese construction workers seem to find them on a regular basis much to their dismay. Will they be compensated for their suffering? Not a chance! JapaneseAvoidResponsibilityforChemicalWeapons

It seems only fitting that the Japanese, having only recently finished through their national "pity party" as they remembered the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, should be forced to comtemplate a little taste of the horrors that they inflicted on the countries of Asia. If only that were true. Search the Japanese papers and I doubt you will find any mention of the fate of those poor Chinese workers in today's papers and only the bare minimum has been reported in the past about the mysterious events in Kamisu and Samukawa. Why? It's no mystery to anyone who has lived among the Japanese for any length of time.

You see, the Japanese would like to forget all about those bad, old days when their armies ran roughshod over Asia and inflicted horrendous atrocities on innocent men, women, and children. "WWII? What was that?" It's not because they feel guilty.....because most of them don't feel any guilt at all. They just do not want to have to pay compensation!!!!!

Let's look some simple facts about the Japanese chemical weapons program. An excellent study, :http://www.bicc.de/weapons/chemweap/asiapac/japan.html, presents the following information:
1) Japan produced approximately 7.5 million chemical weapons during the WWII period.
2) 2.3 million chemical weapons were found abandoned in China at the end of the war.
3) 691,642 Japanese chemical weapons were captured by Allied forces.
4) Taking the above figures into account researchers have surmised that approximately 4.4 million Japanese chemical weapons still are unaccounted for.
(Data collected from:http://www.bicc.de/weapons/chemweap/asiapac/japan.html

The types of weapons produced:

Agent......................Total Quantity Produced 1930-1945

Chloracetophenone...............172 tons (Army - 52 tons; Navy - 120 tons)

Chloropicrin...........................1,000 tons (approximate)

Diphenylcyanoarsine.............1,957 tons (Army - 1,837 tons; Navy - 120 tons)

Hydrogen cyanide.................255 tons (Army production only)

Lewisite................................1,381 tons

Mustard................................3,610 tons

Phosgene.............................1,080 tons

(Data collected from:http://www.bicc.de/weapons/chemweap/asiapac/japan.html

The Japanese have traditionally maintained a policy of denial but the Chinese have been relentless in their efforts to force the Japanese government to accept some responsibility. Only recently has the Japanese government agreed to fund the clean-up of approximately 700,000 chemical munitions found in China.
However, cleaning up their chemical mess does not include compensating the approximately 2000 Chinese who have died since WWII after accidentally encountering these chemical weapons.WhatVictims? If the Japanese compensate these 2000 or so victims then that might open the door for compensating the Japanese military's many other victims....like the 250,000 Chinese who died just from JAPANESE BIOLOGICAL WARFARE!!!!!!

Stay tuned for Part II: Japanese Biological Warfare
Ok people....I got a really big and important story for you today! This is one of those stories that the Japanese government is working overtime to keep out of the news because of all the nasty questions it will provoke! Don't worry, though....I will fill you in on the whole inside story....the story the Emperor doesn't want you to know! Just standby......

Monday, August 11, 2003

You may have noticed that there were no posts yesterday. I was off on my motorcycle to take in some of the local scenery such as it is. I went with another foreigner, a French engineer who has been here about a year. It was the first time we had met but it was just as though I had met him before....in fact, many times before. He was just like many of the foreigners I have met here that came to Japan with such high hopes and then discovered the reality of life here. His stories of life in his Japanese company echo those that I have heard from many others: daily, two-hour meetings where no decisions are never made; Japanese engineers who haven't a clue as to what they are doing; bizarre safety regulations for work areas where no work is occurring but no regard for safety in areas where dangers actually exist; senior managers promoted, not for their abilities but because of their age, daily humiliating younger, more capable employees; forced participation in company trips that turn into drunken riots; endless sexual harassment of young, female staff members and abuse for older, unmarried ladies; unpaid overtime and no vacations......the list goes on and on.

It would be amusing perhaps if this was just the experience of one poor, unlucky foreigner in Japan, but it is not. It is part and parcel of life here. It is the typical, daily aggravation for foreign professionals here in Japan. Identifying a problem, suggesting a solution, and then watching helplessly while the Japanese spend two or three days or even two or three weeks "thinking" about it. Meanwhile, the small problem becomes a major disaster.

The French engineer gave me a perfect example of the Japanese "management" style in action. He reported to his Japanese boss that a small connecting hose needed to be replaced on an expensive and potentially dangerous piece of equipment. His boss inspected the machine, noted that it was running properly, and told the Frenchman that their couldn't be anything wrong with the hose if the machine was running correctly. The French engineer responded by telling him that he had seen this problems on hundreds of the same machine and that the hoses needed to be replaced on a regular basis or the machine would break down and could even explode. Unconvinced, the Japanese manager agreed to present the problem at the daily meeting.

At this meeting the other Japanese staff were dismissive of the whole problem. Their reasoning was that the French engineer was a younger man and therefore not as qualified or skilled as they were even though the machine was new, French-made and French-designed and the French engineer had worked with the machine for several years. The machine was working properly they reasoned, therefore, no problem existed.

Several weeks go by until one day the machine begins to develop a dangerous leak. The French engineer, recognizing the danger of an explosion, orders everyone to leave the area while he remotely shuts the machine down. Instead, the other Japanese engineers begin rushing around frantically trying to discover what is causing their million dollar machine to overheat. Finally, one of them discovers a hose is leaking and begins to remove the protective insulation while the others gather around shouting advice. The French engineer shouts at them to leave the area before the machine explodes but they ignore him and begin removing even more protective insulation! He runs out of the room and enters the control room where he pushes a panicky "safety" engineer out of the way and hits the emergency shut-off switch narrowly adverting an explosion. Meanwhile, the Japanese engineers, minus safety gear, are peeling off the insulation and poking at various parts of the machine oblivious to their danger and generally making a bigger mess of their new, now-useless machine.

The French engineer grabs the Japanese boss and tells him that they must leave the area and put on protective clothing as the chemicals leaking from the overheated machine are highly toxic. The Japanese boss just laughs and tells him to relax and watch as "more experienced" engineers handle the problem!

In the end, the Japanese engineers discover that an inexpensive hose needs to replaced and convene a three-hour meeting to decide how and when to replace the hose! The French engineer angrily points out to them that he had told them this three weeks ago and watches in amazement while the whole group seems to undergo a case of temporary amnesia. Later, his boss pulls him aside and scolds him for raising his voice to more experienced and more senior engineers!

So, the next time you hear a new story about the current economic depression with commentators blathering on about business cycles and downturns in the world economy just remember what I have written here. If there is anyone to blame for the economic mess here in Japan, it is the Japanese themselves.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Ok, enough of a break! Back to spreading the word about the cute, cuddly Japanese....
I would like to return to my comments on Friday regarding the issue of what the Japanese refer to as "Comfort Women" and the rest of the world refers to as "Sex Slaves." As you will recall, the Japanese forced over 200,000 Asian women to serve in military brothels during WWII. These women women were forced to service as many as 60 Japanese soldiers a day. ComfortWomen
Japanese Sex Slaves or EvenMoreJapaneseSexSlaves

Of course, the Japanese government has denied ever having been involved in any such business much as they have denied every other nasty thing that they have done and continue to do to this day. Nanking? What's that? To admit that these horrific events occurred would mean that they may have to take responsibility!!!! We can't have the Japanese actually admitting that they did something bad, can we? Would this shatter their cherished self-image as a "special" people?

Well, let's get back to the sex slaves. Is this a dead issue, relegated to the annals of history, to be forgotten as soon as the last surviving sex slave dies? Modern Japan wouldn't be involved in such horrific crimes today, would they? After all, they are a modern, technologically-advanced, peace-loving country that has sworn off militarism and all of the evils of those bad, old days, right? Not in the land of Hello Kitty!!!!???? Say it isn't so!

I hate to besmirch the image of such a lovely, modern, technologically-advanced, peace-loving country that has sworn off militarism and all of the evils of those bad, old days..... But besmirch it I will! You see, sex slaves or comfort women are not a thing of the past here in Japan....they are an aspect of everyday life and are as common as cigarette butts on the piss-stained streets! Walk down the street of any Japanese city and you will see hundreds of advertisements for sex shops employing foreign women. The vast majority of these women are from Asia and Eastern Europe who are told by recruiters that they can introduce them to a good job in Japan working in factories or as entertainers. Once they are here, their passports are taken away and they are forced by their "kindly" Japanese hosts into the sex industry. ModernSexSlaves Sounds like the bad, old days to me! InnocentJapan

You see these girls out on the streets every night soliciting customers to enter their clubs while their Japanese pimps stand a few feet away, chain-smoking cigarettes and practicing their tough guy impressions. Don't think for a minute that these girls are tucked away on some dark backalley or in some red light district! No, they are right out in the open on the main streets or in the train stations passing out brochures to every middle-aged Japanese plank that staggers by. On any given night you will see Philippinas, Russians, South Americans, and assorted Asian and Eastern Europeans hawking their wares only a few meters from the police station or koban while the officers inside pick their noses and scratch their asses, usually at the same time.

But wait! Isn't this illegal in Japan? Haven't the Japanese signed UN treaties forbidding this sort of thing? Shouldn't the police investigate the business of sexual slavery in Japan? Hardly likely when these prats are usually some of their best customers. The National Police Agency claims that they will let the public know if they discover any cases of sexual slavery and the Justice Ministry claims that there are no records of any sex slaves entering Japan! Turning a blind eye

It's nice to know that the NPA are on the case! I'll remember this the next time I try to pass down the main street of my town which is overflowing with these non-existent sex slaves!!!
We had a typhoon here today....not much worse than a thunderstorm in the US but enough to send the whole country into a panic.....of course, the typhoon with it's 30-40mph winds didn't bother the politicians and their sound trucks! Every time there was a lull in the storm they were out blasting away.....12 hours of mind-numbing lunacy at 50,000 decibels.....the only good thing is that it is finally over! I will take a little break and have myself some light refreshments to celebrate the end of the craziness!

Friday, August 08, 2003

Old habits are hard to break here in Japan. You may have read some of my earlier posts, (see July 26th), about the gang rape incidents at Japan's prestigious Waseda University. There is nothing new to report about this incident because it has been conveniently hushed up by the Emperor's minions so as to not cast a bad light on Japan. However, there are so many things that Japan is trying to keep hushed up that sometimes one or two stories manage to make their way into the foreign press. One of these is the case of what the Japanese like to refer to as "Comfort Women." These were some 200,000 or more Asian women, mainly Koreans, who were forced to serve in WWII Japanese, military brothels so their gang-raping soldiers could get their jollies and the military could reduce the number of soldiers made unserviceable by social disease. ComfortWomen

As you might guess, the Japanese government has tried to pretend that the "Comfort Women" never existed and have denied all responsibility for the actions of the wartime government. Their policy was to publicly deny all knowledge of or involvement in the business of forced prostitution. This angered those women who were forced into sexual slavery and they began to organize to force the Japanese government and the people of Japan to recognize and compensate these victims of Japanese militarism. A brave Japanese researcher, Yoshimi Yoshiaki, finally forced the government's hand in 1992 by finding official documents which proved the government's involvement in this program of sexual slavery. TheTruth

Well, just because it has been proved that Japan committed numerous war crimes doesnt mean that Japan will do anything other than offer another one of their tedious, but "heartfelt" apolgies: Bullshit

The women who were forced into sexual servitude are now very old and frail, (as you would be if you were forced to service 15 to 20 Japanese men everyday). They continue to demand something more than just lame apologies: Compensation However, the Japanese government's strategy is to delay and obstruct any move to offer compensation. They know that these frail, old ladies can't live much longer and that when they die there will no longer be a reason to compensate them. It is the same strategy that they have employed against other victims of Japanese military aggression. Deny, delay, distract, and obstruct any efforts at accepting real responsibility for their wartime atrocities.

Their reasoning is very clever. Most people are quite ignorant and could care less about what happened 50 years ago....it's not an issue to them. Young Japanese have no idea of the serious crimes committed by their grandfathers in far off places like China, Korea, and the Philippines. Japanese movies constantly reinforce the notion that "heroic" Japan was fighting to free Asia from Western colonial power....places like Nanking and Harbin have no meaning to them. The events that occurred there have been tossed down the "memory hole."

But is the trajedy of the "Comfort Women" a dying issue with no relevance to modern Japan? I don't think so!!!!

Standby for more light to be shed on the dark underbelly of "modern" Japan....you will find that things haven't really changed!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Another brutally hot day today! Lucky for me that I am inside in my air conditioned apartment....The politicians in their sound trucks don't seem to mind the heat....they are travelling in a big herd around the city as I write these words. The cacophony of gibbering, jabbering, geriatric campaigners screeching at the top of their nicotined-stained lungs is too much for any normal human to bear. To stay sane I have my ear-plugs in and my headphones on...its the only way to survive.

Some attentive readers have written to remind me that today is the 58th anniversary of the A-Bombing of Hiroshima. Well, actually it was yesterday, (Aug.6th), in Japan and today in the US and the rest of the civilized world. I must point out to my readers that I didnt forget....I just chose to ignore it! Just like the Japanese choose to ignore so much of their history especially that which occurred during the 1930's and 40's. I will remember August 6th, 1945 when these boneheads remember what their military did in December and January of 1937/38 in the city of Nanking, China: NankingMassacre

Don't hold your breath....they still deny this event occurred and even those that admit that something happened there try to downplay it by saying that there were never 300,000 victims....."maybe 50,000, we can't know for sure because the Chinese are such liars!" This is a common refrain and is parroted by even those who should know better:Nanking? What's that?

Of course, if you read about the remembrance ceremonies yesterday you will see the same old tired refrain coming from the voice of every one there, "Poor Japan! We are the victims!" The PM trotted out the same speech that every Japanese prime minister must learn by heart:

"As the only nation in human history to experience the horrible effects of atomic bombing, we have adhered to the pacifist Constitution and have observed three non-nuclear principles (of not producing, not possessing and not allowing other countries to bring nuclear weapons to Japan)," Koizumi said.

Of course this is all bullshit as anyone who has studied Japan's nuclear activities knows. Large amounts of plutonium have gone missing over the past several years here and nobody seems too concerned. What Plutonium?
Japan has most likely developed the components to build a nuclear device but has not assembled them. Thus, they simply possess a lot of interesting pieces of machinery which when assembled can incinerate a thousand Hiroshimas. What Bomb?

The fact that US forces have pulled into Japanese ports with nuclear-tipped missiles is a well-known fact. So, it's all bullshit but they keep on spewing it out year after year and plenty of gullible people believe it.

I hope you don't!

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

It's a brutally hot day here....muggy and without a breath of fresh air. I havent heard much from the sound trucks in the last hour or so although they did sweep through at 0830 to give me a wake up call....just their way of saying, "Wake up you lazy Gaijin!!!"

I did manage to escape the morning madness for a while by riding my bicycle down to one of Japan's most polluted lakes. No, I didn't go swimming! To set one foot in that lake would probably mean a slow, hideous death from all the toxins supposedly contained there.....Hmmmm....

I was told about the lake by a student who is an environmental engineer. He took considerable pride in explaining the many different kinds of contaminants found there and the life-time employment that monitoring and possibly rehabilitating the lake meant to him. He also told me not to drink the local tap water because it barely met minimum safety standards and is not "safe" unless I use a filter......Hmmmm.....

What is really interesting is the large number of rice fields that are directly irrigated with water from the lake. Huge rice fields surround the lake, side by side with some suspicious-looking factories that seem to manufacture paint....Hmmmm....

So, contaminated water is used to irrigate the rice which the Japanese eat three times a day, washed and prepared in tap water that is not safe to drink......Hmmmm.....

Another bit of information that you may find interesting is the alarmingly large number of people who suffer from various forms of cancer in the area.....Hmmmmm.....

I don't want to be too critical but common sense says there may be a connection.....Hmmmm....

Too bad that "common sense" is the one thing that has not contaminated Japan.....

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Well, I thought my day was bad but my wife had an even worse day. As you may recall from my earlier posts, there was a moderate thunderstorm here today....not much more than a summer shower...nothing to panic anyone or cause a problem....unless, of course, you are Japanese. Then, it becomes a full-blown nightmare with news crews out standing on the streets in ankle-deep water describing the situation as "horrific" and "unexpected" while foreigners walk by and wonder what all the fuss is about.

When the rain hit, the trains all ground to a halt because, as they claimed, there was "localized flooding" which prevented some trains from entering the station. So, using Japanese logic, all the trains up and down the line must stop no matter where they are....even if they are only 300 meters from the station!!!!!

Yes, that's right! All the trains stopped, including the one my wife was on. Her train was 300 meters from the station and would not move forward even though there were no trains blocking the approach! Of course, the people are packed into the train like sardines....no room to move and only a little fresh air. Worst of all, there are only two toilets and there are thousands of people on the train!

Now, what would your reaction be to this situation? Would you complain to the conductor or staff? Would you contact the train company's office on your cell phone, (every Japanese person has one), and complain about this completely illogical decision? Would you open the window and climb out and casually walk the 300 meters to the station? Not in Japan! No, you just sit there like sheep and do nothing while you are held hostage by an avaricious train company.....

Afterwards, when they were finally permitted to move forward the last 300 meters and exit the train, there were no staff at the station to aplogize or handle any complaints.....no offers of compensation.....no sincere apologies for holding thousands of people hostage for 2.5 hours on an insanely over-packed train.....nothing! Of course, a Japanese company can get away with this in a land populated primarily by sheep.....BAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
1410 - A screeching, geriatric howl in the distance sends the neighborhood dogs into a frenzy....this can only mean one thing.

1510 - The skies have ominously darkened....I must go outside to investigate.

1516 - Some locals were on the street below my apartment....they were pointing up at me and laughing....could they be election officials? Did they finally receive my hate mail? I hear the helicopter heading this way.....

1620 - A thunderstorm appears to have driven away the sound trucks and helicopter.....I will now take a nap as the rain washes the piss and shit off the streets of this fair city....

1740 - The rain has stopped. It is strangely quiet.

1817 - The silence continues.....I will go save some souls.

Election Update:

0831 - The madness begins....sound trucks out in force.

1030 - Sound trucks have been circling the neighborhood approximately every 30 minutes.

1232 - A helicopter hovers over the neighborhood with a loudspeaker blasting at top volume.

1233 - First stages of nervous breakdown appear.

1242 - Helicopter flys away....

1252 - It is now quiet....the idiots must have gone to slurp ramen and plan for the afternoon assault.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Well, the election nightmare has begun....yesterday it was the right wing, today it's a free-for-all! Yes, that's right! 43 different idiots running for local office here and they all have their sound trucks going full blast! These moronic politicians are the single greatest employers of old bats in Japan....you see, they hire old ladies with high pitched, nagging, hen-pecking, mother-in-law type voices to ride around in these sound trucks and scream out their candidate/employer's name at 10,000 decibels! Their chalk-board screeches carry for miles and can knock a bird out of the air at 1000 meters! I've got the windows boarded up, the ac as well as the radio on and I still can't drown them out.... yet, they are, at present, a good 800 meters away. Oh, and I have my earplugs in....they are my most valuable tools to survive this onslaught of stupidity.

Today, however, is just the warm-up....the real stupidity hasn't even gotten started yet......that will come later in the week when these idiotic, politician wannabees and their mentally-defective, geriatric "mouth-pieces" whip themselves into a frenzy just prior to the election on Sunday....They will travel in huge caravans and circle the neighborhood over and over, all day long, blasting out their names until everyone has completely lost their minds. But, will anyone complain? No.....only me. Will anyone take a stand and confront these idiots? No...just me, the mentally-defective, dog hating gaijin.

The Japanese will just bitch and moan under their breath but nobody will take action....that's not the "Japanese" way. You see, they prefer to suffer. It's the only country in the world where the citizens take great pride in their ability to suffer....makes you wonder if they have some suppressed feelings of guilt about something? I wonder what that could be......

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Nippon hates me this I know,
Cause the Right Wing tells me so.
Blond hair and blue eyes don't belong,
Buck teeth and yellow skin are never wrong.

Yes, Nippon hates me!
Yes, Nippon hates me!
Yes, Nippon hates me!
For the Right Wing tells me so.

Well, it is Sunday after all......
Attack of the Evil Gaijin!

Please see my previous post from Friday to get your bearings....

Ok, so there I was in my crowded little Japanese neighborhood being tortured, day in and day out, by a load of inbred, sadistic, brutal, mongrels.....barking from the time I got up until the time I went to bed....basically non-stop.....all day and most of the night. Did any of my neighbors complain to the owners of the brutes? NO! They just went on living their miserable little lives while three inconsiderate dog owners tortured everyone in the neighborhood......After one year of politely trying to convince the dog owners that their pooches were a nuisance,
I completely lost my fucking mind!!!!!

As I left the tale on Friday, I was being hounded by the incessant barking of the dogs. I was in the middle of the street, quietly warming up my motorcycle to escape the noise, when suddenly, something just went snap, crackle, pop! inside my head and I decided that I had finally had all the fucking barking-dog bullshit that I could take!!!!!! I began racing the engine of my bike until it became an overpowering roar that drowned out the dogs and sent the neighbors scurrying to their windows in fear and trepidation! I de-accelerated and noticed that everything had suddenly become very, very quiet for the first time in a long time in that god-forsaken neighborhood! The old bat that was standing a few feet away with her imbecilic dachshund looked as though she had just shit her pants! She was just standing there with a shocked look on her face while her dog, who could obviously sense danger better than his owner, was trying to scurry over her shoulder for the safety of his dumb little color-cordinated doghouse.....

I dropped it into first and left an ugly, black streak of rubber and the odour of burnt tires in my wake. I came to a halt at the intersection about 100 meters away. There I did a 180 and roared back at full throttle to the domain of my chief tormentor, the Black Beast himself! I skidded to a halt in a cloud of smoke and fumes only inches from his gate. But, what's this? Instead of lunging at me, trying to savagely rip my throat out, the Black Beast had wet himself and was cowering aginst his owner's door! He was a pathetic little chickenshit! I kicked open his gate and grabbed him by the collar and began to pound on the front door of the house like a lunatic possessed, which, of course, I was! Within seconds the door opened a crack and the pathetic, fat, pig of an owner poked out his beedy little eyes and pig-like snout. I shoved the door open with the dog and began to verbally tear a strip off the imbecillic owner of this pathetic beast, all in Japanese! I went on a good five minutes and shouted good and loud to make sure the dumb, old coot and every other dumb, old coot with a noisy dog could hear me.....I then pushed my face about an inch away from his trembling, quivering, inbred, buck-toothed face and told him that if that dog bothered me again I would take this motorcycle for a grand tour of the inside of his stupid little rats nest of a house!!!!!!

Leaving him goggle-eyed, I jumped back on my bike and did another 180 to deal with the old bat and her stupid spoiled-rotten beast of a weiner dog. I roared to a stop inches from her drooling, imbecilic face and told her in perfect Japanese, "I dont think your dog is cute and neither does anyone else in this neighborhood so maybe you should just do us all a favor and shut him the Hell up!!!" With that I roared off to the other dog-owning bastards but they saw that they were next and grabbed their dogs and ran inside their house.....I raced the engine into an ear shattering roar for a few moments outside their house and then road off leaving a few imbeciles without any further illusions as to what this gaijin would do if he was harassed anymore.....The last thing I saw as I looked in my rear-view mirror was that pathetic, old bat and her stupid weiner dog standing in the middle of the street in complete shock....

A few quiet days later I began to receive little notes in my mailbox thanking me for dealing with the stupid dogs and their even more stupid owners....Pathetic! Everyone wanted to say or do something but they didnt have the guts to do it! They couldnt disturb that all important "wa" or harmony.....it was up to the gaijin to solve the problem.....and that, in a nutshell, is the whole function of gaijin here in Nippon.....to break the "wa" and do the things that the locals can't or won't do to make their lives better.....end of story!

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Be patient!!!! I have to work for a living just like you! I will conclude the "Attack of the Evil Gaijin!" later this evening after I finish my missionary work....got to save some souls!

It's another quiet day by the way.....this trend is giving me the creeps!

Friday, August 01, 2003

Ok....so where was I? Oh, that's right! Complaining about Japan! How could I forget!

The dogs from Hell!!! Imagine yourself living in a cramped, crowded, Japanese neighborhood surrounded by idiot, inbred Japanese and their idiot, inbred, dogs that bark almost continuously for 18 hours a day! Well, that was my life a few years ago. Just thinking about this period of my life in Japan gives me the heebee jeebies. My blood pressure is rising even now when I think about those dogs, barking endlessly night and day, everyday... for the entire year that I lived in that Hell-hole of a dog-infested neighborhood.

Believe me when I say that I tried every way possible to reason with the neighbors to get them to realize that their noisy beasts weren't cute and nobody appreciated the yammering and howling all the time. I tried the soft approach. I offered to walk the dogs for them. I gave them little treats. I tried earplugs. That didn't work. I began giving them dirty looks. I began telling their dogs to shut-up and spraying them with water but still the neighbors didn't get the message. "Oh, look at the gaijin, he is so strange! Gaijin just can't live in Japan, nei! I wonder if he can use chopsticks?"

Well, one brutally-hot day, the dogs on the right side of the house were up to their usual shenanigans so I thought I have to escape this madness. I'll slip away quietly on my motorcycle and go to a park or someplace quiet. I opened my front door and of course, the dog across the street went into attack mode and began barking his little head off. Then, the black hearted beast of a black dog from Hell went into a barking frenzy, even climbing onto the wall to bark at the poor stupid gaijin who thought he could live on the sacred soil of Japan. I got out my motorcycle and warmed it up quietly....the dogs were making an incredible ruckus! My blood pressure started rising....the dogs got louder and louder....I saw the dachshund's old bat of an owner come out and pick up the little bastard and hold him up, laughing at the poor gaijin. "Oh, isn't it funny! Look at how cute my dog is! Did that bad gaijin scare moma's baby?"

Well, I just flipped! I lost it! I began racing the engine of my 250cc bike until it sounded as if Satan himself had ridden into town! The noise must have been deafening because even the dogs shut-up and the entire neighborhood could be seen peaking from inside their curtains and half-opened doors.....

Ooooops! Time to get to work! Stand by for the conclusion of "Attack of the Evil Gaijin!"

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