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Friday, October 31, 2003

Thanks to Alberto for this link: Activists Claim Japan Dolphin Hunts Cruel The picture says it all....just click on it and be amazed.
Here is a story I have been tracking all day: They never learn! Could they get any dumber?
Special thanks goes out to the ever-diligent "RJA" who sent in the article from "Foreign Policy" magazine which was used in my earlier post. If you have anything to contribute please send it in and we will add it to the pile! As usual, your comments are always appreciated.

Japanese ladies say "NO!" to Japanese men! Well, who can blame them? After all, if you examine the behavior of many Japanese men Loving Role models? you will find them to be less than desirable. Of course, a nice Japanese lady could always find herself one of Japan's heroic policemen: NPA=Need Panty Action!

Japanese men have gotten so disgusting that even political candidates have been instructed by political parties to clean themselves up to appeal to female voters:Do you have dandruff? Bad breath? Are your socks smelly or your nose hairs in need of a trim? The fact that the so-called "best and brightest" Japanese men have to be reminded to wash themselves and brush their teeth should give you a clue about the condition of the rest of Japanese manhood.

If you are still in any doubt, lets re-examine a story that received little attention outside of Japan: "Super Free" Gang-Rape Club at Waseda University Students at Japan's top university had formed a private club in which their sole purpose was to get girls drunk and then gang-rape them while their buddies took video and photos. The number of victims is unclear but probably numbers in the thousands. What was the reaction of the male-dominated government here in safe, peaceful Japan? Seiichi Ota, a senior MP from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and former minister, effectively condoned the gang rapists, saying they were "virile" and "almost normal". Want to read more? Click here!

Let's see what Japanese women have to say about Japanese men. Here is a quote from a popular women's magazine, Fujin Koron:
"The reasons Japanese women reject Japanese men are not just physical.... Women evaluate them badly in all areas—'they are childish and disgusting', 'they have a bad attitude toward women', 'they are fake and dishonest', 'they are narrow minded', 'they are bad mannered', 'they can't take care of themselves', 'they can't do housework' ... Japanese men are the opposite of the Japanese GNP, they are the lowest in the world!"

I guess that about says it all, huh?

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hey! Any Koreans out there? I bet you guys didn't know this! Koreans "welcomed" Japanese colonization! All this time I thought the Koreans resisted the Japanese invaders! I guess I was mistaken! I really appreciate Governor Ishihara straightening out this misunderstanding....what an intelligent, knowledgeable historian he is.....truly a product of Japan's superior educational system! Boy, don't I feel stupid!
Here is a story that illustrates just how stupid the Yakuza are:Real Tough Guy! They do this crap all the time. My favorite is when they park their car in the middle of the street or on the sidewalk to chat with their buddies while long lines of cars pile up behind them....of course, the NPA are too busy to handle these problems: NPA=No Police Action
I am sure it is all a big cultural misunderstanding! Britney stalker sues for distress! Sure! He is the victim! Another victim of big, bad, racist America!

In Japan, stalkers have only recently been identified as a problem by the "ever-diligent" NPA. Prior to 2000, there were no laws or restrictions against stalkers so, of course, stalking wasn't officially considered a problem by Japan's brave law-enforcers. Victims had little recourse as you can see from this article:Stalking in Japan It would be laughable if it wasn't such a serious problem. Of course, in Japan, police do nothing until there are bodies laying all over the place: Police ignore student's pleas for help! and then they try to cover up their stupidity:NPA bunglers!

So, as you can see, poor little Britney does have some reasons to be afraid of her Japanese stalker....too bad he is allowed to take advantage of America's responsive legal system.....but, that is typical, isn't it? Afterall, Japanese are always the victims!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Here's the story of a guy that made a mess of his life.....unfortunately for him he trusted a friend and now he sits in a Japanese prison accused of smuggling drugs. Think he got a fair trial? Guess again! He got a 14 year sentence which is longer than you would normally get for murder:Justice-Japanese Style

Now, I dont know if this guy is guilty or innocent but I tend to believe he was stupid and innocent. However, what is interesting is the process by which his guilt was determined. Shall we take a look at how foreign suspects are treated in this modern, developed country?

Baker was interrogated for 23 days without access to a lawyer and with poor translators.
The police never recorded his interrogations.
The individual who gave him the suitcase full of drugs, James Prunier, had a history of doing the same thing to other people.
Prunier was never questioned by Japanese police nor was his history introduced as evidence.
Baker signed a confession he didn't understand.
According to Baker, "During interrogation, the lights were on all the time so I couldn't sleep. I didn't eat for twenty days."
The Japanese judge, Kenji (Hang'em High) Kadoya, who has not found a defendant innocent in his ten-year career, unsurprisingly delivered a guilty verdict.
Baker was given a 14 year sentence. Longer than those sentenced for murder.
Baker was also placed in solitary confinement for 10 months for refusing to show remorse.

Sounds like a really modern judicial system, right? Ever wonder why the Japanese courts have a 99% conviction rate? Well, how long would it take before you confessed to killing Kennedy if you were:
1) Held without charges and interrogated for 23 days without benefit of counsel, without bail, and without protection against self-incrimination.
2) Subjected to determined police and prosecutors empowered to employ various methods, (TORTURE), to ensure a signed "confession" is on the table by the end of the 23 day period. Torture techniques include sleep and food deprivation, slapping and poking of the suspect's body, shouting, slamming and overturning furniture, false promises that you will be allowed to see family or friends or to return home after confessing are all used here to obtain confessions.

All of this is easier than conducting a proper police investigation, right? I wonder if this is just a coincidence?

What a modern, sophisticated country, huh? They are so proud of their legal system here! Like most things here in Japan it is just a complete farce. Look beyond the official statistics and the sophisticated propaganda machine that keeps negative stories about Japan off CNN and Fox and you may be shocked to find that the truth is well hidden in Japan.....just like Nick Baker....locked up in solitary confinement for 10 months just for refusing to show remorse for a crime he didn't commit. He won't get out of prison here in Japan until 2017....if he survives.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Here is an interesting article on an issue that should receive a lot of foreign media attention but doesn't: Japan's Battlers of Sex Abuse Confront Culture, Law According to this article, "Figures compiled by the National Police Agency indicate that 2,238 cases of rape, or 10 percent of all serious crimes, were reported in Japan in 2001. If numbers for indecent assault are included--such as attempted rape, groping or harassment--the cases of sexual abuse rise to 43 percent of the total." Shall I repeat that? 43% of all violent crimes in Japan are cases of sexual abuse! Folks, these are just the numbers that are reported! Not the actual numbers!

I don't want to claim that rape is at epidemic levels here in Japan but if you consider how obscenely victims of rape or sexual assault are treated by the police here is it any wonder that more women prefer to keep rape a secret? Here is the story of an American woman who was attacked in Japan: Read this to see how the NPA handles sexual assaults! I include some choice quotes for the lazy readers out there:

"I was told repeatedly that because the case had been already processed, it would be 'inconvenient' if I insisted on filing charges."

"I questioned why this man, who had stalked me and tried to rape me, knew not only my address but my name, my age and other personal data. This information, given in his handwritten statement, could only have come from one source: the police."

"Investigators said they thought the man was "weak-willed." He had already suffered "considerable damage" after a phone call to his employer, for whom he continues to work as a door-to-door salesman, despite now having a police record. As Campbell noted, "He's still knocking on doors selling products to women at home alone."

"Investigators assigned to her case suggested prosecution was futile, that at most her efforts would yield only a small settlement, say 50,000 yen. When one officer joked that the man must have been stupid, because "for the price of the fine he could have gotten a lot more downtown,"

"When she (the victim) also resisted the idea of posing for on-the-scene reconstruction photos of the assault, the investigator shouted: "This is how it's done in Japan! I can't understand you Americans!"

"Unlike in other developed countries, there is no law in Japan protecting the rights of the victim. "Official crime rates are so low that Japan has a reputation for being one of the safest societies in the world. However, while 1,687 cases of sexual assault made it to the court in 1997, this is out of 6,055 officially recognized cases. Of those convicted, 561 were let off without time served. I question that."

Still think Japan is a clever, peaceful country with almost no crime?

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Here is a bevy of stories for you that just about sums up the real Japan experience:It was just a massage! How about a look at The NPA in Action! Or the new favorite pastime for some Japanese macho men Pedophilia is just a hobby! Well, it is if you live in the Pervert Paradise!

Folks, these stories just don't need any embellishments from me! Just read them and wonder what the Hell is going on in this nutty place! Have a nice weekend...I am heading for the mountains to escape these looney-toons!

Friday, October 24, 2003

So, after receiving thousands of complaints about Yakuza Loan Sharking the buffoons at the NPA finally decide to do something. Of course, the Yamaguchi-gumi received plenty of warning so this raid was mostly for public consumption. I am sure the punch-perm boys made sure to get rid of all the most incriminating evidence and offered up a few tidbits and lower-ranking goons to satisfy the police and the gullible sheep/public. At the end of the day, everyone goes home happy! Everyone except the over 7,000 Japanese who killed themselves after falling prey to Yakuza loan sharks: Yakuza loan sharks charge 10,000% interest: NPA does nothing

What the tame Japanese media also fail to mention are the close ties that the Yakuza had to such LDP big-shots such as Shizuka Kamei This is also just the tip of the iceberg. The Yakuza and the LDP are best friends and they help each other out on a regular basis. Indeed the do....an estimated 5% of all public work projects go to Yakuza construction agencies which in turn funnel about half of the public money right back to the LDP. About half of the recent 13 trillion yen bailout of housing loan corporations went to companies tied to Yakuza groups. It just goes on and on. Read more here:LDP and the Yakuza: Birds of a feather... Could this be why it took so long for the NPA to finally act? Inquiring minds already know the answer to that question.

I have already mentioned many times in the past the role of the Yakuza in creating and prolonging the current recession in Japan but it never hurts to remind you of who the real culprits are here:The Yakuza Recession

So, do you still think the raid on the Yamaguchi-gumi was anything more than a rather silly theatrical performance?

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Where is the last place you would think smoking would be permitted? Well, in Japan, Smoking in Hospitals is permitted! Researchers studied the effects of smoking in Japanese university hospitals and discovered an amazing fact: "Japan's university hospitals are failing to meet health standards when it comes to preventing passive smoking, with high smoke levels being recorded even in nonsmoking areas. Many patients at hospitals cannot avoid passive smoking because of the prevalence of smokers at the hospitals Well, gee-whiz! Imagine that! This is truly ground-breaking research!

According to the researchers, "Under the labor standards law and the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry's standards for separating smoking and nonsmoking areas, 0.15 milligrams of smoke particles per cubic liter is the maximum permitted level even in smoking areas. At two places where people could smoke freely, a maximum level of 1.2 milligrams was recorded at lunch and dinner times, while the average level was 0.11 milligrams. At two places that did not properly separate smoking and nonsmoking areas, a maximum level of 0.56 milligrams was recorded in smoking spaces. Even in nonsmoking spaces, the level reached 0.3 milligrams at peak times. Outside smoking rooms in the hospitals, researchers found that smoke filtered into the corridors every time the doors were opened and some areas had smoke levels that exceeded the standard."

Well, with 49% of the Japanese male population smoking and tobacco vending machines located everywhere, including the Ministry of Health can there be any doubt as to why there are so many smokers in hospitals? It couldn't be that smoking is dangerous to your health? NO WAY, Smeggu-san!!!! It can't be true!

Well, cigarette packs in Japan do bear this stern advice, "Be careful of smoking too much" and everyone knows that 60% of Japan Tobacco is owned by those clever chaps at the Finance Ministry. They wouldn't knowingly sell harmful, addictive drugs to their own citizens, would they? The Japanese government wouldn't turn a blind eye to research by tobacco company giant, Phillip Morris which clearly states "cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and other serious diseases in smokers." Say it isn't so, Smeggu-san!

Could this explain why, according to the researchers, "an estimated 20,000 people die from passive smoking each year in Japan"????? I can also guarantee that this number is absurdly low.....anyone who has ever set foot in a Japanese restaurant or bar will attest to the incredibly high levels of smoke in these places. You would be better off having a picnic on the expressway.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Smokers sue Japan Tobacco and the Japanese government (same thing) and discover Wacky Japanese Justice! The plaintiffs in this case are all dying of smoking related illnesses such as lung cancer, emphysema, and throat cancer. They were seeking 10 million yen in compensation but their claim has been dismissed by the court because "despite evidence of the general ill effects of smoking, there is no proof of a causal link between the plaintiffs' smoking habits and their specific illnesses."

Despite acknowledging "that cigarettes contain a cocktail of chemical substances that pose grave health risks," the ever-so-wise Judge denied the plaintiffs' claim that nicotine is highly addictive. According to this fine example of Japanese judicial logic, "Nicotine is addictive, but it is not strong enoughto override the free will of each smoker," Asaka said. "It is hard to acknowledge that smokers cannot quit despite their will and efforts." Give me a break!

The court also ruled that Japan Tobacco had warned smokers of the danger of smoking with stern warnings such as "Because smoking may damage your health, please be careful not to smoke too much." Well, I am sure that this very frightening statement deters many smokers here in Japan....NOT! I guess that is why I see so many parents smoking right in front of their children including a mother I saw yesterday who was feeding her baby and smoking at the same time!

JT, meanwhile, said that it is hard to blame only tobacco because "cancer is triggered in a complex way". Oh right, smoking doesn't cause cancer! All these years I have been suffering from a misconception! D'oh!!!
This wisdom comes from a company that is almost completely owned by:The Ministry of Finance the same guys who are trying to:Profit from Cancer Genes!

Unbelievable but true!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The "full moon" never sets in the Land of the Rising Skirt! Japanese schoolgirls becoming animalistic This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Here we have a Japanese professor claiming that Japanese girls have become "animalized" because they wear incredibly short skirts. At the same time, he ignores the fact that many notoriously animalistic Japanese men can't keep their hands or their winkies off not only girls that wear short skirts but also any other lady: Leacherous Lecturers

For an honest exploration of the sleazy exploitation of Japanese schoolgirls read this very interesting article on filmmaker Harada Masato:Teens on the Make Here is a very revealing quote: "Harada lays the blame for teen prostitution mainly on the men who are turned on by girls wearing school uniforms. 'Bounce shows how teenagers go wrong because of those sleazy middle-aged men,' he says. 'In the film, one of the girls says she once told a man as a joke that he could kiss her for 100 million yen. But the problem is that Japanese men today will say, 'Okay, I'll pay you 100 million for a kiss.' There's something wrong with these guys.' "

That about says it all.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Here is a story that will make you ill. It is the story of a young British woman, Lucie Blackman, who came to Japan to work as a hostess in one of the millions of hostess clubs that cater to horny Japanese men. Unfortunately for her, and for countless unknown others just like her, she ended up being murdered, cut into pieces, encased in cement and then dumped in a cave by a Japanese pervert. Here is a timeline of events that will show you the true nature of Japanese justice: NPA=No Police Action

The Japanese police refused to seriously investigate her disappearance forcing the Blackman family to spend over $150,000 to hire their own investigators. The NPA even went so far as to remove information posters that her family placed on telephone poles around Tokyo! For a full accounting of events I urge you to read this:NPA Investigation Techniques Follow the links at the bottom of the Telegraph article to read even more details of NPA bufoonery. It was only after the intervention of Tony Blair, the British PM, that the NPA took action and "solved" the crime. Without the intervention of the British PM, this crime would have been forgotten just like countless others. Those NPA guys are just wonderful people, huh? Real role models for law enforcers all over the world!

Now the Japanese pervert, Joji Obara, that allegedly murdered Ms. Blackman and drugged and raped countless others while recording his sexual "prowess" on video is finally in court: Courtroom titillation for thrill-seeking Japanese These idiots are there to hear details of his crimes and no doubt hope to see the infamous video recordings that he, like countless other perverts here in Japan, have made of their drugged victims. The thousands of girls who appear on Obara's homemade videos have not been investigated nor will they ever receive any justice since most appear to be Asian and thus not important to the NPA. What other crimes has Obara been involved in that will go unsolved because the women involved were Filipinos, Thai, Chinese, Korean, or some other "disposable" Asian or Eastern European ethnic group and thus not important?

Obara has also been implicated in the drugging and murdering of an Australian hostess in 1992 whose death was not investigated even though it was obvious that she was a victim of foulplay: Coretta Ridgeway How many others are there?

If you are not completely pissed-off at the NPA by now then stand-by to be completely stunned: The NPA has not charged Obara with homicide! He has been charged with attempted rape; attempted rape resulting in injury; attempted rape resulting in death; abduction for immoral purposes; mutilation of a corpse; and abandonment of a corpse!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess Lucie Blackman killed herself and then chopped herself into small pieces!!!!! Japanese justice is an amazing thing!

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Well, looks like the start of another Yakuza gang war here in peace-loving, peaceful, safe, secure, "We don't have a crime problem!", "All crimes are committed by foreigners!" Japan: More Yakuza Violence Let's see how the police try to rewrite this so that foreigners can be identified as the true culprits......

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Here is a question that needs to be answered: Where did Arnold go on his holidays? Inquiring minds want to know......
In other countries only kids would play with stuffed animals but in Japan grannies go for talking stuffed toy pets! D'oh!!!!

Actually, I am in favor of the Japanese buying these fake pets because it is better than the alternative: See cute dog on TV. Buy inbred copy of cute dog at expensive doggy boutique. Buy accessories at expensive doggy clothing boutique. Lavish affection on dog instead of children. Get bored with new toy. Leave dog outside in tiny doggy POW cage to bark all day and all night. Drive the neighbors completely bananas! Make my life a living HELL!!!!!!

So, rather than slam the Japanese for doing something completely childish, today I am going to do something I rarely do: I will applaud these old grannies and their stuffed animals and encourage more Japanese to go for the talking stuffed toy pet rather than the miserable, tortured beasts that I see chained up in their 1-square-meter POW cages outside many Japanese houses! Nippon would be a much quieter place for it!

Friday, October 17, 2003

N Korea blasts Japan at U.N. for abducting 200,000 women For once this nutty Kim Jong-il has said something I can agree with. And no, his numbers are not an exaggeration. Go here if you want to read more: Japanese sex slaves I hear Japanese people moaning and groaning about their 20 or so citizens that were abducted by the North Koreans but nobody seems to remember that the Japanese forced 670,000 Koreans to go to Japan during WWII: Japanese abduct 670,000 Koreans but can't remember!
Japan to pay Y300 mil "Cooperation fund" to China over poisonous gas leak Notice the key words here are "Cooperation Fund" and not "compensation".....that would suggest that the Japanese did something wrong and we all know that could open the door to accepting "responsibility" something the Japanese can never do!!!!
Would you eat vegetables grown in an area that was surrounded by 16 waste incinerators? Top Court Rejects the F'ing Obvious Wouldn't you think that having 16 waste incinerators surrounding an agricultural area might have a harmful effect on anything grown there? Not to mention the people that live there? Not in Japan!!

Farmers rule the roost here and what they say goes....nevermind the effect on the rest of the country. The LDP is basically owned by the farm lobby and Koizumi dances to their tune: Paddy Politics In return for the support of farmers, the LDP doles out huge farm subsidies that would make European and American farmers green with envy: Japanese Farm Subsidies Here is a quote in case you don't have the time to read the whole article: "The US media have made much of EU cows receiving $2.50 a day in subsidies while billions in Africa survive on less, but this pales next to the $7.50 per day Japanese cattle receive. Total support for Japanese rice producers equals 700 percent of production costs. Moreover, beef and rice are not unique in the protection they receive - wheat, barley, sugar beet, peanuts, dairy products and pork are all heavily sheltered." In fact, 60% of a farmer's income in Japan comes from the state giving them an income higher than the national average!

So, now you know why vegetables grown in an area surrounded by 16 waste incinerators can be considered safe to eat. Money talks! Is it any wonder why the LDP has been in power forever?

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Here is another one of those stories that can best be described as the tip of the iceberg: Lecherous Lecturers This disgusting behaviour is endemic here and is much more widespread than is officially reported. From my own personal observation as a high school teacher I can assure you that what is described in this story is completely believeable. Unfortunately, it is just a reflection of an overly-permissive society obsessed with youth and sexual perversion.

It is not just confined to school teachers either. Family members are even in on the action and not only for their own sick sexual gratification but for financial rewards as well: Family Matters It is a crazy country, folks! You know things have gotten pretty bad when you can't even trust your own family not to sell your ass on voyeur videos! Can they sink any lower?

God only knows what will be next....

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Only in Japan:Dogs' dinner costs $239 I wish I was making this stuff up but, unfortunately I am not. It is common to see stupid, inbred "designer" dogs prissing around the piss-stained streets of this city wearing doggie yukatas, doggie hats, doggie sweaters, and doggie jewelry that matches their owner's best effort at sophisticated fashion. It is absolutely ridiculous but in a country where parents never-ever hug their children, pets have become the center of attention for many affection-starved Japanese. Dogs are pampered and spoiled and paraded around the neighborhood just like a new baby....sometimes even in baby carriages!

Having a designer dog can also give you status which Japanese seem to crave more than anything else in the world. The more rare and expensive your pooch, the more status you have and thus the higher you can poke your nose in the air. Having a designer inbred breed also gives you a right to mix with other people who have the same inbred breed and stand around in the park in little elitist groups collectively thumbing your nose at those who dare walk in the park with normal dogs not kitted out in matching designer outfits.

Well, you just have to wonder what would happen if these people would focus their love and affection on their inbred children instead of their inbred dogs. Perhaps we wouldn't see so many stories like this:Schoolgirl sluts

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

As I was saying....317 hospital patients exposed to excessive radiation Of course, the one who has died and the seven who are dying of radiation-related illnesses have been told that their poor health has noting to do with their exposure to excessive radiation....it's just bad luck!
Here we go again! This is actually pretty big news but I doubt it will get much coverage:GSDF troops stage armed march in Sasebo amid protest Gradually, the militarist are pushing the door open inch by inch......meanwhile the sheep graze contentedly......baaaaaah!!!

Monday, October 13, 2003

If you survive the fire, you won't survive the hospital! 40% of emergency room patients die in Japan! Yes, that's right! It ain't no joke when you get sick or injured here!

A government study group surveyed 108 emergency medical centers and looked at 1432 people who had been admitted for emergency medical treatment and had died. Factoring out those who were already technically dead when they arrived, the study found that 719 of the 1432 people had a better than 50% chance of survival on arrival at an emergency medical center. Of this 719, 546 would have survived if they had received appropriate medical care indicating that 38.1% of those that died in ERs could have survived!

The survey also exposed that shoddy medical care differs from one facility to another with tragic results: "all of the patients who died at three of the emergency centers had had more than 50 percent chance of survival, while 12 centers kept the death rate of patients with more than a 50 percent chance of survival under 20 percent."

The study also found that patients with an 80% chance of survival accounted for 25% of ER fatalities! Of those with a 90% chance of survival, 10% died! These numbers are a serious indictment of the Japanese medical care system! And yet, we hear nothing from the media about these astounding figures! No media frenzy....no citizen's groups marching outside the Ministry of Health, Labor and welfare....nothing at all! Just an admission that Japan's emergency medical care system is about 30 years behind the United States!

I have seen this emergency medical care treatment in action several times. The worst was a road accident between a small car and a large truck. The ambulance and fire truck arrived on the scene within 5 minutes but they had no equipment to remove the victims from the wrecked car which was resting on its side....not even a hammer to break the windshield so the victims could be pulled out. Instead, they began rocking the car with the victims trapped inside until it finally tipped over with a crash! They then tried to break the windshield with a fire extinguisher which then burst sending the spray all over the place. Finally, someone borrowed a crow bar and smashed open the window. They then began man-handling the victims out of the car without spine boards or neck braces and laid them on the pavement without even covering them with blankets or placing them in the shock position! As if this wasn't bad enough, as they were loading the first guy into the ambulance he fell off the gurney because he hadn't been strapped down! Yes, he was still alive! No basic life-saving actions took place....no CPR, no treatment for shock, no spine-boards, and the one neck-brace they did use was placed upside down on the victim and fell off as he struggled to breathe....it was a complete farce!

Folks, this is the gospel truth! I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! I gave the Japanese more credit than this but after this accident it is easy to see why so few people survive emergency medical treatment here in Japan! And no, this didn't take place in some country area either....it occurred on one of the major access roads leading into Tokyo!

The moral of the story? Wealth does not equal modernity! The Japanese can boast about how affluent they are and safe is their society but when 40% of the people admitted to an ER die from improper medical care then something is wrong!

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Woman, 4 grandkids perish in Hiroshima fire Hmmmm....wonder if they had a smoke detector?

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Isn't this too obvious? Well, apparently not in Japan. It staggers me how little common sense is applied here....I know some of you may think this is being hyper-critical, (unusual for such an easy-going gent such as myself), but the absolute lack of simple preventive measures like smoke detectors makes you wonder just what, if anything, the government does to protect it's citizens.

This is especially shocking when you visit a school and find that there are no fire escapes! Yes, that's right! NO FIRE ESCAPES! Instead of a ladder or external stairway they use a ridiculous chute device that takes about ten minutes to deploy and over an hour for the students to slide down one at a time!!!! Think I am kidding? I taught at five high schools, all of which were four stories or higher, and none of them had fire escapes! I don't consider the chute device as a fire escape...more a "chute of death" than anything. Can you imagine a hundred students waiting patiently in-line for their turn to slide down the safety chute? Don't worry....I am sure the teachers would make them all stand in-line to be burned to death in alphabetical order! Of course, the victims would be mostly girls since the boys are always placed in front and the girls all in the back!

If you bother reading the article you will find these typical examples of Japanese bureaucratic research: "While an advisory fire-prevention panel to the Tokyo governor has been studying measures to deal with the problem for two years, the fire department's Fire Science Laboratories has conducted research on the effectiveness of fire alarms and case studies on house fires. Researchers found that the time spent from the outbreak of fire until a fire department is notified could be shortened by about 80 seconds if an alarm was activated before the amount of toxic fumes reached a level requiring evacuation." What a shocker???!!! Who would have thought it?!!

How about this even more priceless example: "The researchers also found that the installation of fire alarms would reduce the number of deaths caused by fire and the area destroyed by fire to one-third their previous level, respectively." Wow! Imagine that! Wonder how much money they wasted trying to fiqure this out! Millions, no doubt....and I am sure they had several hundred meetings where government boobs sat around and sucked air between their nicotined-stained teeth while picking their noses! The usual "belly-talk" meeting in Nippon.....

And yet, after all of this research, they are still just "considering" creating an ordinance requiring fire alarms!!!!!!! What does this say about Japan in general and Tokyo in particular, a city that has burnt to the ground numerous times? It should send you a message that is loud and clear....just like a fire alarm!!!! Too bad there aren't such devices to detect government stupidity!!! They would be going off 24/7!!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Well, troops....the stories of women being attacked by rapist are literally flooding in these days as more and more women have begun reporting what was once a thing to keep hidden. The nature of the crime has also gotten more violent as TV/manga-inspired, gang-rape perverts seek bigger and more exciting thrills:Japan: Rapist Paradise! or Watch and Learn! Take your pick....it's a dime a dozen here in "safety" Japan!

I have even started to lose count of the number of rapes publicized in the last day or so.....each one just seems to get more bizarre than the last:School-girl BBQ I have reported on this one before but now more details have emerged. The story is as follows: nice girl joins bosozoku gang, meets Yakuza guy and gets married illegally so that she can become a bar worker at a Yakuza establishment, graduates to prostitute and is forced by her charming husband to pay him a commission. This clown also pimps her to his associates while keeping a string of other teenage girlfriends who were, no doubt, being used the same way. Meanwhile, he decides to kill her after she allegedly falls behind in her payments. Gathering together his bosozoku friends, thay bash her head in and then set her on fire.....charming! Of course, her parents didn't even have a clue that their daughter was married and was working as a prostitute. Lets see if this Yakuza thug had a million dollar insurance policy out on his "wife"!

Burning seems to be the preferred method these days to get rid of the evidence. It is not like NPA is going to employ any high-tech equipment to investigate a crime....it's not like this is an advanced, first-world country, right? The criminals know this and thus we have our cause and effect: Another roasted school girl

Some are luckier than others. Another school girl, age 15, was abducted by Yakuza thugs and held captive for 8 days before the NPA managed to "solve" the crime:Lucky isn't the word for it! What is interesting to note about this police operation is that the girl's friend went to the police after seeing her friend being held captive in a Yakuza hang-out surrounded by the punch-perm boys. The police waited until the next day to take action and, of course, when they turned up a day late and a dollar short, the girl had already been spirited away by another gang member. She was only recovered four days later after the gangster turned himself in. God only knows what happened to the girl during this eight day ordeal. The interesting question to ask is why school girls were visiting the Yakuza? Could these nice gents have been recruiting them for the Girl Scouts? I don't think so!

The NPA are such a hard-working group of diligent, law-enforcers, right? Maybe in bizarro world! Hey! Wait a minute! This is BIZARRO WORLD! Hard-working Japanese Police

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Here is a rather sad story about life in Japan: Only Pure Japanese, Please! Many Japanese, especially older people, still believe in the "pure-blood" myth of Japan and don't take kindly to those of mixed ancestorage. The fact that this racist teacher was able to torture this kid for such a long time without attracting any attention should say something about Japanese society. The fact that he was only suspended for 6 months as punishment should send you a very clear message about the Japanese educational system. At least Japanese lawyers have taken up his case but asking for 13 million yen, ($120,000), seems a bit trivial compared to the physical and psychological damage done to the kid.

Think this is rare? Not really....in fact, the first thing my Japanese mother-in-law said to me when she met me was "No Hafu!" which translates into "Please don't produce any half-Japanese, half-Caucasian children!" Nice, huh? The funny thing is, that after my wife and I were married and the in-laws got to know their new American son-in-law, the more they wanted us to have children. I thought this was strange and I asked my wife about this apparent change of heart. Imagine my surprise when I was told that this change of heart was not due to my "sparkling personality" but due to the fact that having a foreign son-in-law had given my wife's mother a new "prestige" in the community and she thought having cute, blue-eyed grandbabies would increase this prestige to even higher levels!

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The best health care in the world? I don't think so...in fact visiting a Japanese hospital is downright scary! Hygiene precautions are laughable at best and downright criminal in many places! The staff are very poorly trained and in many cases the doctors are complete knuckleheads....their preferred method of examining a woman for breast cancer is the touchy-feely method rather than x-rays: Dr. Feel Good Do you really need to ask why? I think we all know the answer to that question!

Want to read more? Not satisfied with these mild stories of Japanese bufoonery? Well, here you go! Medical Maniacs in Japan! Yes, folks, Japan may not have the best health care in the world but it is certainly the most entertaining....unless, of course, you get sick here!
Think I am exaggerating when I rant about the incompetent police here in Japan? Well, read this: After 23 years, bungling police `solve' murder! To summarize: A man is dragged from his car in front of witnesses and is later found dead, bound and gagged at the bottom of a dam. Police verdict: SUICIDE! Read the whole story and rest assured that this is not unusual here in Japan.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Hey! Like to drink and drive? Well, Japan is the place for you! Drunk Driver Kills 5, gets 15 years! That's three years per person! I am sure that this "harsh" sentence will make the families of his victims feel better!
Here you can drive drunk quite easily and rarely worry about police check points or drunk-driving patrols. Afterall, the NPA has better things to do with their time: NPA=No Police Action

It takes a lot to get the police to do something here. They usually need a dead body, Roasted School Girl, or at least a piece of a dead body,Could this be a clue?, before they spring into slow motion and give us their best Inspector Clousseau impression. Instead, they prefer to stay in their kobans where it is safe! Afterall, if they go out on patrol they might actually stumble across a crime and that would destroy their low crime statistics! It is easy to say that Japan has a low crime rate when blatant criminal acts seldom attract the attention of the police!

The result is that drunk drivers can get behind the wheel and turn the streets into their own personal slaughter house. I see it every night from my balcony. Drunks stagger down the main street, climb into their cars, honk the horn a few times to wake everyone, and then speed off on their mission of mayhem. Where are the police? Not out patrolling a neighborhood that has at least 50 bars and five major parking lots!!!!!! No, they are warm and cozy in their little koban 400 meters away!

What message does this organization of inactive, incompetent "law enforcers" send to the youth of Japan? Pimping is easy!

Monday, October 06, 2003

Here is another story that has gone unreported in "peace-loving" Japan: Japan will Nuke North Korea! Yes, thats right! The new secretary-general of the Japan's "ruling forever" Liberal Democratic Party, Shinzo Abe, is a real tough guy! He is popular with the ladies here because of his straight-talking, macho manner and his promotion to secretary-general was publically seen as a ploy by PM Koizumi to capitalize on Abe's current popularity prior to next month's general election. However, I wonder if he would be so popular if his supporters heard some of his recent comments regarding North Korea.
According to a local journalist, after a lecture at Waseda University Abe was talking informally to reporters over drinks. When asked about the North Korean situation he was quoted as saying, "Oh yeah! We're gonna waste North Korea!" and "Let's nuke North Korea and annihilate 'em!" Which, of course, implies that "peace-loving" Japan does actually have nuclear weapons, something that they have denied for years in their role as the "world's greatest victims". It also gives you a chance to see just how the "peace-loving" Japanese actually feel after they have had a few drinks in them. Just scratch the surface here and you will find that things haven't changed all that much since the 1930's....

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Here is a good article that explains Japan's attitude to the "War that Never Occurred":The View from Japan The big black busses that you see in the picture are the infamous right wing fascist that I am always complaining about. They drive round and round my city blasting out martial music and their hate-filled screed at 50,000 decibels....and no, nobody does anything to stop them, especially the police who are their "special" friends. Imagine what would happen in the Neo-Nazis did this in Germany....here in Japan, it is accepted as completely normal.

On a different note, I was alerted to this article on Organized Perversion by James, another long-time foreign resident of Japan. Train gropers or "Chikans" as they are more commonly known, are a huge problem in Japan. Nearly every woman that uses the trains in Japan has had a run-in with these disgusting pervs. They even have their own magazine to promote their perverted behavior called "Finger Press" and have formed their own clubs with various ranks. They have expanded their activities beyond the train system to other crowded places: More Organized Perversion They can operate without much fear of the police since the police seem to be their biggest supporter: Police Pervert#1, Police Pervert#2, Lazy Cops, Complete Idiots

I don't mean to be too critical and label this situation a complete disgrace for a modern, developed country....but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck....then it must be a duck.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Here are some classic editorial cartoons which are right on target: Humor for You Click on the cartoon link on the left if the page doesn't pop up automatically. Make sure you scroll down to see all of them as there is an all time classic at the bottom. This particular cartoon pokes fun at Emperor Akihito's visit to London in 1998. Much to his surprise he was met by jeering crowds of war veterans who turned their backs on him while whistling "Colonel Bogey's March" made famous in the movie, "The Bridge over the River Kwai". Of course, none of this was shown on Japanese TV. Click here The Emperor was not amused! to see what the Japanese will never see.

Some of the veterans were criticized for their actions by simpletons who never suffered as POWs of the Japanese. Incidentally, if you were a POW of our little yellow friends you had a much higher possibility of not surviving since 35.7% of all Americans held by the Japanese died in captivity as compared to 1.1% held by the Germans. I don't have the data for British survivors but it must have been about the same, if not worse. Survivors, therefore, should not be criticized too harshly by those either too young or too stupid to remember the atrocities committed by the Emperor's minions. Afterall, some of them survived the Japanese death camps to entertain you today with novels based on their experiences with the Japanese: Planet of the Apes

I think this letter sent to the Emperor by a survivor sums up most people's views on the subject: A POW writes to the Emperor

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Well troops...it seems as though the filthy escapades of the Japanese orgy tourist in China have been forgotten just as quickly and easily as all of the other bad things that have happened in Japan, past and present. Not a mention in the press today. However, just because the media and government have buried an unpleasant issue doesn't mean that it can't come back to haunt them later. Here is a good example of how the ghosts of the past just can't stay buried in Japan: Wartime vivisectionist warns of a return of militarism

This guy is just the tip of the iceberg. I applaud him and other veterans who are now speaking out about the atrocities that were committed during WWII, or as it is known in Japan, "The War That Never Happened" or "The Day the Americans Attacked Innocent Japan with Atomic Bombs". Too bad that they are shouted down and abused by the fascist right-wing groups parading around in their big, black busses blasting their "Greatest Japanese Marching Band Hits of 1937" CD at 50,000 decibels! It makes you wonder what these lunatics have to fear from a lot of old veterans? Why would they want to shut down any attempt to examine Japan's actions during WWII? Well, if you want to know just click on the links on this page:Unit 731 If you want to hear the voices of the victims then I recommend this page: Voices that will never be heard in Japan

There is so much more to say about this but it is really tough to know where to begin. Get off your duffs and find out for yourself....I have given you a push in the right direction....Remember: the Japanese government and their right-wing fascist allies don't want you to read about this. "Just forget about it! It happened a long time ago....Japan is a peace-loving country! Go shopping, buy Japanese products....love Hello Kitty and think that Japan is a wonderful, safe country where everyone wears kimonos and drinks tea while gazing peacefully at Mt. Fuji." Fictional Japan

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Here is an update on the Japanese hotel sex orgy in China: Zhuhai 'hotel sex orgy' pimp arrested I don't know what will happen to this guy but I hope the Chinese don't whack him right away. I would like to hear what he has to say about the incident. 50 of the prostitutes were also arrested but, as usual, the Japanese guys involved are safe and sound and are probably busy churning out videos of their exploits for the porn industry.

As for my article on sex-slave trafficking I offer the following report from the U.S. State Department: Sex Trafficking in Japan The report notes that "Japan is a country of destination for men, women, and children trafficked for sexual exploitation. Victims come mainly from China, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Colombia, and Eastern Europe. Some victims are lured to Japan under false pretenses; others come aware that they will work in the lucrative Japanese sex trade and are abused after their arrival. Trafficking also occurs within Japan as victims are "resold" between traffickers."

As for the Japanese government's response to trafficking, "Japan has no law specifically prohibiting trafficking, although in practice it applies mainly the immigration and labor laws against traffickers. The government does investigate traffickers, but the number of prosecutions has been too few and the penalties too weak to act as an effective deterrent against the professional syndicates involved in trafficking. The 2003 arrest and conviction of kingpin trafficker Koichi "Sony" Hagiwara were significant. His criminal sentence, like many violent crime sentences in Japan, was light by U.S. standards (less than two years for a repeat offender who operated a criminal trafficking organization which moved hundreds of victims from Colombia) indicating a weakness in Japan's punishment of traffickers. The government does not aggressively prosecute and punish the criminal organizations involved in trafficking."

You can draw your own conclusions. However, to be fair I have received emails from Japanese people condemning the behaviour of their fellow countrymen and their government so it may not be as hopeless as it seems. The sex tour story finally made the news here in Japan with the tone best described as "cautious" tinged with "embarrassment". Public reaction has been interesting: From the mouths of babes

The Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda was questioned about the story but only said, "I don't like to hear about this kind of story. I do not wish to talk about it any further." I have noticed that the story has disappeared from the English newspapers published in Japan. Let's see what the evening news has to say....my guess is that the story will quietly disappear there as well.

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